Pivotal is expanding the scope of its cloud-native enterprise platform with the release of Greenplum 6 and Pivotal Postgres. Announced today during the company’s Greenplum Summit in San Francisco, Pivotal says the new releases are part of a broader commitment to PostgreSQL.

Greenplum 6 is more scalable and has greater concurrency over the previous iteration, Pivotal said. It features improved performance in the analytics platform’s functions such as “point queries, data science exploration, fast event processing and long-running analytical queries.” The company says the integration of transaction and streaming processing with the platform’s analytics and AI features will “allow users to analyze more data without unwanted movement between niche database environments.”

Pivotal Postgres is an open-source Postgres package with modules for large production deployments. The company plans to add more over time, saying they want to allow developers to focus on their business problem rather than researching and acquiring all the right modules, with the right version compatibilities across the components.

“We’re offering Pivotal Postgres, because of PostgreSQL’s consistent market growth, flexibility and its enterprise readiness,” the company wrote in the announcement. “PostgreSQL is a remarkably versatile database. It can handle many data models including relational, object-relational, and graph, as well as many data types and languages. This allows developers to cast a broad net with Postgres and simplify their portfolio with fewer specialized data stores.”