The data control and compliance company Securiti has just announced it expanded its compliance solution, Securiti Compliance Management, to include the requirements of the EU’s recently passed AI Act, the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, and the Singapore Model AI Governance Framework. 

The company hopes that its latest update will make it easier for companies to feel comfortable adopting AI technologies by instilling more confidence that they are implementing it properly and adhering to existing and upcoming regulations. 

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The platform offers automated compliance tests, access to a library of compliance standards, the ability to augment automated tests with human intervention, and a Securiti Copilot for asking questions. 

It also makes it easy for companies to address the compliance issues that are uncovered and it provides recommendations on what steps to take. The platform also provides customizable reporting, which helps keep business stakeholders informed about compliance status.

“Data teams within an organization often work in isolation, unaware they’re duplicating efforts in establishing best practices for data and AI governance, which drains IT resources and hampers innovation,” said Rehan Jalil, CEO of Securiti. “Our holistic approach to automated compliance prepares organizations to succeed in compliant business initiatives with agility, efficiency, and specificity.”