SingleStore, provider of the real-time distributed SQL database SingleStoreDB, today announced the newest updates to its offering. These updates are intended to empower users to build and scale real-time applications and analytical workloads with simplicity and efficiency.

Among these product announcements is Workspaces, which provides scalability by decoupling compute across individual applications, such as operational analytics and real-time machine learning, without these workloads interfering with one another.

Additionally, Code Engine powered by Wasm allows code to be compiled to a wasm module and ported to multiple popular runtime environments. With this, developers can safely port over external code libraries into SingleStoreDB.

“It has become essential for companies to reevaluate their data strategies to better support modern SaaS applications and also remain competitive in an era dominated by data intensity. With our new suite of updates, we’re empowering businesses to do that, as we bring analytics to applications, scale effectively and deliver superior real-time data experiences –  all must-haves for modern databases,” said Raj Verma, CEO of SingleStore.

These updates also bring users flexible parallelism. This allows for the use of all the cores on a customer’s machines to process a single query which improves query performance. 

Enhancements for data security and access control, such as new cloud integrations for Single Sign On and Customer-Managed Encryption Keys, give enterprises better control of their security posture. 

In addition, support for new authentication mechanisms using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) enables database engineers to go totally passwordless.

Also included in this release is a dbt Adapter geared at enabling analytics engineers to more easily build, test, document, and deploy data pipelines to perform enrichment/transformations using SQL.

SingleStore will be announcing these and other updates at (R)Evolution 2022, taking place in San Diego this summer.