Customer engagement company Twilio has announced the launch of Segment Unify, which is an identity resolution solution.

It enables companies to merge the history of each of their customers into a single profile. They can sync these profiles to their data warehouse and other customer experience tools, while Segment Unify remains the source of truth for a profile. 

Profiles sent to the data warehouse can be further enriched by data from systems of record. Golden profiles can also be used as training data for AI systems so that campaigns are as up to date and effective as possible. For example, if a model is not updated in real-time, it’s possible that a customer could get targeted by an ad for a product they’ve already purchased, so complete and accurate profiles are needed to ensure these models are current.

According to Twilio, Segment Unify will help increase the lifetime value of customers by delivering personalized communications. The company recently released a report that claimed that customers spend an average of 21% more time with companies that tailor their customer engagement to them.  

Segment Unify also features Reverse ETL capabilities, meaning that profiles can also be pulled back out of the data warehouse to be sent downstream in the tech stack. 

It also contains over 400 pre-built integrations so that customers can use their preferred tools for customer engagement, marketing, and analytics. Customers can also create their own integrations to suit their own specific needs not covered by an existing tool. 

“Over the past several years, the CrossFit team has built up our digital presence to further support and expand our tight-knit fitness community. This has given us more data and insight on our athletes than ever before,” said Jay Meyering, senior manager of data at CrossFit, which is a customer of Segment Unify. “With Twilio Segment and our data warehouse working in lockstep, CrossFit has been able to transform our data landscape and evolve into a truly data-driven company. We’re now equipped to personalize experiences based on enriched customer profiles that we’re seamlessly pulling from the data warehouse, moving into Segment, and sending out to our downstream customer engagement tools. With this superpower, we’re able to consolidate our source data and better understand the needs of our Athletes, Coaches and Affiliate Owners. From there, we’re boosting customer satisfaction with more targeted support, outreach, and competition opportunities.”