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Melissa’s email flagging feature created to fulfill GDPR consent rules

As laws such as the European Union’s GDPR regulation and California’s similar upcoming CCPA Act pick up steam, countries around the world are making privacy a priority and forcing companies to rethink how they obtain consent from their contacts — even when it comes to sending emails.  To address the new stringent privacy laws and … continue reading

3 ways Agile practices help developers work with marketers

The gospel of Agile is certainly nothing new to developers, who have been employing it for decades at this point, and have seen its benefits. One of the most interesting developments is the amount of cross-communication that is starting to occur between marketing teams and developers. Marketers are needing to learn more skills that developers … continue reading

Analyst View: When sales slow: Dealing with a market collapse

It is getting to be far less stressful to not read the news than to read it. While much of this for me is the very strange election between two largely unelectable folks, there is also the shadow of collapsing markets in tablets, PCs, and even smartphones. Fixing this would require massive changes to Apple, … continue reading

The less glamorous side of a digital transformation

When businesses think about going digital or moving online, they tend to think more about their front-end-facing solutions. But there is another piece to this digital transformation. While front-end-facing applications need to provide a great user experience and are at the heart of most businesses, it also needs an integrated back end to make them … continue reading

Developer evangelists help companies engage users—without overt marketing

If there’s one thing that really turns people away from a product or service, it’s a hard sales pitch. Developers are no exception. When hearing company pitches about tools or solutions that might be useful to their team, developers in today’s world want to see the code and learn the real value of the product—marketing … continue reading

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