Microsoft announced the latest updates to Visual Studio Code. The updates include include a new modern icons, as well as the ability to edit string arrays in the Settings UI, reveal search results in File Explorer and show whitespace in selection. 

It also includes terminal search UX improvements, better SCSS @import navigation, remote development tutorials and the ability to replace text without losing letter casing. 

The detailed list of updates is available here

McAfee acquires NanoSec for cloud security
Device-to-cloud cybersecurity company McAfee is acquiring NanoSec, a multi-cloud, zero-trust application platform, to improve the governance and compliance and reduce the risk to their cloud and container deployments to enhance DevSecOps. 

The company explained that it will be applied to applications and workloads deployed in containers and Kubernetes, and will be integrated into McAfee MVISION Cloud and MVISION Server Protection offerings to include “continuous configuration compliance and vulnerability assessment as well as runtime application-level segmentation for detecting and preventing lateral movement of threats,” according to a post

“NanoSec’s technology is a natural extension for McAfee MVISION Cloud, enhancing our current CASB and CWPP products, and adding to our ‘Shift-Left’ capabilities to deliver on the DevSecOps best practice to improve governance and security,” said Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president and general manager of the cloud security business unit at McAfee.

Datical announces support for Liquibase 3.7
Database release automation solutions provider Datical announced support for Liquibase 3.7,  an open-source solution enabling application teams to version and track database changes.

With the new support, the diffChangeLog operation now only returns on change in each generated change set, which makes it easier for user to recover from deployment errors. Users can also benefit from improvements to snapshots of multiple catalog/database projects and support for NOVALIDATE keywords on Oracle Constraints. 

Datical also announced that it is investing in partnerships with database vendors such as Cassandra, Cockroach Labs, Couchbase and SAP HANA to increase community contribution. 

Code42 announces new loss detection and response capabilities
Code42 announced its data loss protection solution that includes advanced exposure dashboards and expanded alerting functionality to help companies protect data from loss when employees quit. 

The company also introduced an integration with IBM Resilient, a platform for orchestrating and automating incident response processes. 

“The insider threat problem is getting worse. The reality is when employees quit jobs they take data with them, and legacy data loss prevention systems are not sounding a single alarm,” said Rob Juncker, Code42’s senior vice president of product. “Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection tells companies what data is leaving and when — so they aren’t finding out proprietary information left months after the damage is done.”