DataTorrent, the leader in real-time big data analytics and creator of the world’s only enterprise-grade unified stream and batch processing platform, today announced it will be making the DataTorrent RTS core engine available under the Apache 2.0 license. In addition to the open source announcement, DataTorrent also announced the release of DataTorrent RTS 3, aimed at continuing to enable successful enterprise adoption of big data solutions and Hadoop. The new release of DataTorrent RTS 3 addresses current challenges such as ease of use and demonstrating business values with no-coding required GUI application assembly, self-service real-time and historical data visualization and a simple to use data ingestion and distribution application for Hadoop. Released as Project Apex, the open-source DataTorrent RTS core engine forms the foundation of DataTorrent RTS 3, now available in three editions — Community Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.

“Big data projects are often delayed or remain stuck in the proof-of-concept phase as Hadoop can be unfamiliar and difficult to use for many enterprises,” said Nik Rouda, senior analyst, ESG. “DataTorrent RTS 3 addresses common challenges with graphical tools for developers, operations teams, data scientists and business users.”

Project Apex delivers enterprise-grade platform, spurs innovation
In response to broad customer demand, DataTorrent is making the DataTorrent RTS core engine available as open source Project Apex. Project Apex is Apache 2.0 licensed and addresses enterprise fault-tolerance, performance, scalability and ease-of-use requirements for unified stream and batch processing not being met by existing open source projects.

“At Silver Spring, we deploy and operate some of the largest, most data-intensive networks on earth, connecting more than 20 million Internet of Things devices on five continents,” said Jeremy Johnson, director of product management, Silver Spring Networks. “It is critical that we are able to deliver real-time data from these massive-scale sensor networks to fuel the next generation of smart energy and smart city applications. DataTorrent RTS is an integral component of our SilverLink™ Sensor Network solution, and together, we look forward to inspiring a legion of new developers to create even more powerful big data applications.”

DataTorrent RTS 3 simplifies and speeds up big data app deployments
Organizations have been facing challenges getting their batch and streaming big data applications into production. In fact, according to a Gartner Survey1, “Skills gaps continue to be a major adoption inhibitor for 57% of respondents, while deciding how to get value from Hadoop was cited by 49% of respondents.” DataTorrent RTS 3 provides new features, tools and applications to enable easy creation and assembly of production-ready big data applications.

  • Simple, graphical application assembly – Data scientists and developers can now create big data applications without writing code. They simply assemble a data flow using a drag-n-drop-n-launch GUI.
  • Self-service real-time and historical visualization – Business users and data scientists can accelerate time to insight and take business action. Browser-based, RBAC-enabled intuitive, self-service data visualization allows for the creation of custom dashboards in minutes.
  • Scalable, fault-tolerant data ingestion for Hadoop application – Big data projects often stall due to difficulties ingesting data whether at rest and in motion. The application provides a graphical interface to ingest from multiple sources in a secure, high-performing, fault tolerant manner.
  • Enterprise integration and analytics pack – Time-to-value is decreased using advanced pre-built connectors for the most popular technologies and pre-built JAVA business logic for analytical applications like dimensional analysis and transformations like de-duplication.
  • Production and operability enhancements – Data center operations teams need to ensure that their business crucial big data applications are operable across multiple data centers and generations of applications.

“Organizations today are looking to reduce time to insight and take action quickly,” said Phu Hoang, co-founder and CEO, DataTorrent. “DataTorrent RTS 3 enables organizations to go to production quickly with an end-to-end solution that addresses enterprise performance and reliability with vastly superior ease of use and interoperability for driving greater business value from big data.”

DataTorrent RTS editions provide production flexibility
DataTorrent RTS 3 includes three editions for greater and flexible choice for enterprises:

  • DataTorrent RTS: Community Edition is a free, unlimited use, community supported edition that combines a pre-packaged version of Project Apex with basic management capabilities. The Community Edition is designed to enable developers and innovation groups in enterprises to quickly prove out their big data streaming and batch use cases and establish a business case for an enterprise grade big data project.
  • DataTorrent RTS: Standard Edition adds enterprise support and makes the Community Edition production ready.
  • DataTorrent RTS: Enterprise Edition is a full-featured enterprise suite that includes enterprise security and data integration features, advanced operational capabilities and graphical tools for application assembly, data visualization and data ingestion. The Enterprise Edition is designed for production deployment and serves data center operations, developers, data scientists and business analysts.

Customer, community and partner support
“At Trace3, we started our Big Data Practice very early, and as a result, our offerings have evolved to meet the needs of our growing list of BDI customers. Data Torrent has been part of our offering from the beginning,” said Juan Guevara, vice president, BDI Solutions at Trace3. “Project Apex will help drive a broader community of innovation, and as a result, greater market adoption of DataTorrent.”

“Our clients often request open source technologies as they look to solve critical needs quickly with a strong ROI,” said Brian Arellanes, CEO of ITSource. “With the open sourcing of DataTorrent RTS as Project Apex, we anticipate broader developer usage and customer adoption.”

“We are pleased to see DataTorrent’s Project Apex aimed at expanding the benefits of real-time big data analytics to more users,” said Anil Gadre, SVP product management, MapR Technologies. “MapR continues to help customers deploy powerful data platforms that also aim to dramatically shorten the time to act on data and impact their business as it happens.”

“We are in an era where customers want to engage at the speed of thought. DataTorrent RTS provides the enterprise with the ability to build real-time, context-aware applications. Real-time engagement and open source is a key component of our strategy at Capital One,” said Rikin Shah, Data Innovation Labs, Capital One. “Capital One is excited to see DataTorrent RTS open source its core engine through Project Apex, and we plan to actively participate in this community.”

DataTorrent RTS 3 will be generally available starting July 30, 2015. To learn more, visit the DataTorrent RTS Product Page