Datos IO, a leading provider of cloud-scale data protection software for next-generation applications, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner Program. Datos IO is also unveiling the newest v1.5 release of RecoverX software with support for Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage services, with advanced data recovery features purpose-built for modern applications deployed on non-relational databases. Datos IO’s collaboration with Google, and RecoverX v1.5 enhancements, further enterprise migration to the public cloud and adoption of mission-critical applications deployed on non-relational and cloud databases.

The Next Frontier in Backup and Recovery: Cloud-Scale Data Protection
“Research shows that, as cloud-based applications revolutionize the way companies manage and deploy their business-critical IT resources, organizations of every size are seeking more efficient and effective means of ensuring their data while also planning for protection that is scalable for future growth,” said Deni Connor, founding analyst at SSG-NOW. “This rapid, complex expansion of information processed across cloud, physical and virtual systems has created the need for workload-agnostic, flexible and customizable protection solutions. Taken in sum, Datos IO’s GCP partnership and RecoverX v1.5 product enhancements address the full spectrum of data protection needs in this new customer environment.”

Recoverability of data at-scale continues to be of primary importance as enterprises migrate to next-generation applications on cloud-based infrastructures. RecoverX allows application owners and infrastructure administrators to recover data at any point-in-time natively in Google Cloud Platform. With its feature enhancements, RecoverX enables data recovery from Google Cloud Platform to on-premises secondary storage, as well as fosters multi-cloud deployments.

New features of Datos IO RecoverX v1.5 include:

  • Recovery to Any PIT: Customers can now recover data at any point-in-time (PIT) for flexible recovery point objective (RPOs), giving application owners improved and faster control of data.
  • Granular Node Level Recovery: RecoverX now allows companies to recover data for a particular node of a database cluster, shortening time-to-recovery from dedicated node failures.
  • Application Aware Data Masking: Users are now provided native support for data masking to hide sensitive, personally-identifying information (PII), allowing for continuous test and development needs while meeting compliance requirements.
  • Advanced Storage Efficiency: RecoverX optimizes compaction by extracting only net-new data (vs. virtual) from databases, resulting in minimized secondary storage costs and reduced network storage and database cluster loads.

Protecting Enterprise Applications in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Datos IO helps Google Cloud Platform users protect their next-generation applications hosted on non-relational databases (NoSQL, cloud, graph and more) deployed in IaaS and PaaS environments against data corruption, disasters and human errors, as well as recover application data reliably at scale with minimal application downtime.

“Adapting quickly to next-generation applications and cloud databases is key for modern enterprise growth, and our new RecoverX capabilities were purpose-built to help GCP users remain both agile and dependable in today’s dynamic landscape of on-prem, private, public and multi-cloud infrastructures,” said Tarun Thakur, CEO and co-founder, Datos IO. “Backup and recovery is key to enterprise database workloads, and we are committed to protecting next-generation applications and non-relational databases by continuing to innovate RecoverX as the de-facto standard for cloud-scale data protection.”

Datos IO recently on-boarded a Fortune 100 big-box home improvement retail customer that migrated its existing ecommerce applications from on-prem datacenters to public cloud with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to meet compliance standards as well as enhance development agility and operational efficiency. Since general availability in June 2016, RecoverX deployments have demonstrated results, including:

  • DevOps savings of ~200 hours per year and ~9x secondary storage efficiency with golden backup copies for a Fortune 100 big-box home improvement retailer;
  • Application downtime reduction of ~10x and ~3x reduced TCO for a global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights;
  • Point-in-time backup of aggregated sensor data at scale and ~70% reduced secondary storage costs for a leading IoT PaaS platform.

Systems Compatibility
Datos IO RecoverX supports Apache Cassandra (v2.0, v2.1), DataStax DSE (v4.5, v4.6, v4.7, v4.8) and MongoDB (v3.0, v3.2) as well as a wide variety of secondary storage options with NAS storage for on premise or private cloud environments, Amazon S3 storage and Google Cloud Storage support for public cloud and hybrid cloud environments.