DBmaestro, the pioneer and leading provider of DevOps for Database solutions, announced today the release of an expanded and improved open application programming interface (API) for DBmaestro TeamWork. Software vendor partners and customers can now integrate with DBmaestro TeamWork in minutes instead of hours and the expanded functionality allows for considerably more capabilities. DBmaestro TeamWork already automates and integrates with IBM, Microsoft, CA and others, allowing any release management manufacturer to offer database build and deploy automation and add functionality to its product.

DBmaestro’s DevOps for Database solution offers a comprehensive approach to the database development life cycle, providing enterprises’ need to deliver changes faster. DBmaestro has been at the forefront of Continuous Delivery for the database, with a solution which provides complete database control, governance, and compliance. Teamwork reduces application downtime caused by database-related human errors by 80% while speeding up the time to market of database driven business applications tenfold.

One of the first software vendors to take advantage of the new Open API was Clarive, a DevOps provider based in Spain. The integration between DBmaestro and Clarive enables organizations to create end-to-end delivery pipelines that can orchestrate deployments across databases and any other enterprise platforms in scope with full real-time visibility.

Ana Pérez Vega, Software Architect at Clarive Software, was full of praise for the new API: “The new release reduced the integration time with DBmaestro TeamWork by 50% and the implementation of automation for continuous integration and continuous delivery by 70%,” said Vega. “It’s now possible to integrate a full pipeline with Jenkins, CA release automation or other CI tools within a few hours. The look of the new API, the ease of the integration and the flexible system make it a very powerful tool.”

“We are pleased to announce the release of the improved DBmaestro Open API Platform, which reduces the time it takes to integrate by up to 90%,” said Yaniv Yehuda, co-founder and CTO of DBmaestro. “With today’s announcement, DBmaestro is providing software vendors partners and customers, the ability to easily integrate with DBmaestro’s industry leading DevOps for database solution which provides continuous delivery, automation, and source control for the database. When DBmaestro integrates with tools from vendors like CA, Microsoft and IBM, a more complete solution for software development and deployment is available to customers.”