DBmaestro, the pioneer and leading provider of DevOps for Database solutions, announced the release of TeamWork version 5.0 which includes a first of its kind Pipeline Builder, enabling users to visually describe the database environment and the deployment flow. The new version brings maturity and stability to DevOps for database by making it significantly easier to set up an automated database deployment pipeline for Continuous Delivery processes.

DBmaestro also unleashed new and enhanced compliance and audit capabilities for the database. DBmaestro prevents unauthorized changes to both database structure and the data it contains. Organizations now have the ability to define access levels down to database objects or content, and review compliance reports showing all database modifications or attempts of unauthorized or out-of-process modifications.

“With the entire market moving to Continuous Delivery, automation, and compliance, organizations are seeking any possible edge,” said Yaniv Yehuda, CTO DBmaestro. “DBmaestro constantly strive to deliver the best of breed DevOps for database solutions to the market. The new version enhances database development and deployment automation, compliance and audit capabilities for the database as well as collaboration between application development and database development teams. These added capabilities means quicker, safer, easier, and cheaper deployment.”

Some of the value added benefits of the new version include:

  • Quicker, easier and safer onboarding of database Continuous Delivery processes and automation
  • Documenting and reporting of security breaches
  • Eliminating errors which can occur while manually setting up the Continuous Delivery pipeline
  • Clear visualization of the database delivery pipeline, environments and flows
  • An added deployment safety net for the release process. Pipeline Builder verifies that upgrade packages are up-to-date and can be safely executed without potentially breaking the target environment