Dell Software today announced that Dell Boomi has released full API lifecycle management, creating the only multi-purpose Platform as a Service (PaaS) that supports all major integration use cases, master data management (MDM) and API management. This single platform makes it easy for customers to move, manage and govern data using a single interface, increasing productivity and reducing complexity. Dell Boomi API Management offers extensive features covering the entire API lifecycle, enabling organizations to create, publish and centrally manage APIs on-premises or in the cloud. This unified capability makes it easier and faster to create, distribute and govern the range of APIs that organizations increasingly recognize as essential to accelerating business-to-consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), and mobile interactions. Dell Boomi API Management is a proven service with more than 650 paying customers.

APIs are now critical elements of business workflows in growing industries such as media, healthcare, high tech, financial services, government and retail. As noted in recent research from leading industry analyst firm Gartner, “The vast majority of digital business interactions will happen through APIs, and these APIs will need to be tracked and managed, especially as the number of things consuming APIs spike up. Application services governance and API management, delivered through software or cloud services, will help you track, manage, monetize, extend and control APIs.”1

“CIOs are moving from using APIs to expose legacy services to internal developers to now dealing with an explosion in integration endpoints—due to social media, mobile devices, proprietary applications, cloud services, Big Data, and Internet of Things—that need to be consumed by potentially thousands of external constituents,” said Chris McNabb, general manager of Dell Boomi. “Organizations must have modern tools to help them rapidly create, publish and manage new APIs and ultimately ensure superior quality of service to these constituents.”

“One of the most significant challenges we face today is to support the development and deployment of new web services that connect with our backend systems, so we can expose new services and capabilities to our customers via our website,” stated Ken Bol, integration specialist at Brady Corp. “Dell Boomi gives us the ability to quickly create, publish and manage these services and bring new value to customers and our business.”

Dell Boomi API Management—Create, Publish and Centrally Manage
—Using a rich set of high-productivity service development and design tools, customers can create APIs from new or existing Boomi integration processes using a visual interface that requires no coding. Developers can also modernize any legacy SOAP web service in just 15 to 30 minutes.

Publish—Dell Boomi API Management enables customers to rapidly expose any endpoint as a web service, including HTTP (SOAP/REST), FTP sites, databases, legacy applications, and cloud and mobile applications. New APIs can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud to meet the performance and security requirements of the largest organizations. This makes it easy to extend the reach of enterprise information and services to customers, partners and vendors. Integrating and unlocking backend services through lightweight APIs simplifies developing mobile applications. Additionally, the ability to establish a secure and scalable environment for analyzing and acting on real-time information is ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) strategies.

Manage—Customers can manage APIs across their real-time infrastructure and monitor all APIs, no matter where in the world or on what platform they are deployed (for example, Amazon Cloud, private cloud or a datacenter in Australia). Customers can control traffic, monitor response times and respond to errors, all from a single screen. New API gateway functionality provides a centralized, consistent method for authentication and accessibility for enterprise services.

Developer Productivity Enhancements
Dell Boomi API Management enables developers to support the needs of their companies faster and more accurately. A single, consistent and easy-to-use visual interface delivers “economies of skill,” so those familiar with Dell Boomi can easily create, publish and manage APIs. The visual interface also eliminates complexity and helps to ensure accuracy. Developing new APIs is a straightforward, easy-to-understand process, and any legacy SOAP web service can be modernized quickly.

As a cloud service, Dell Boomi releases new platform functionality every month. Recent enhancements to Dell Boomi API Management include:

API Design—Enables organizations to create APIs from a set of web services and aggregate them so they can be centrally managed. API Design also supports fine-grained API versioning, so consumers can control their upgrade timing, ensuring backward compatibility.

API Generate—Enables customers to import legacy SOAP service descriptions and turn them into web services that can be incorporated into any API and made available to public consumers. This straightforward process helps customers modernize their legacy SOAP services and continue to get value from them in 15 to 30 minutes.

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