Today, Devart announce the new version of dbForge SQL Complete v5.5 with support for SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server Management Studio 2016.

Current users can just “Check for Updates” in dbForge SQL Complete to upgrade to the new version. The new features and enhancements increase the power and productivity of database specialists who design, develop, and maintain databases and data storage systems.

What’s new?

Expanded suggestions support for SQL Server 2016 grammar
The latest release of SQL Server introduced a bunch of new features and new SQL syntax. The tool now offers code suggestions for the new syntax when you are developing in SSMS or Visual Studio.

New formatter options and profiles
There are three predefined formatting profiles available. You may use them to save some time on customization process.

Suggestions in CROSS / OUTER APPLY constructions
Now suggestions are available in queries that include a correlated subquery.

Execute statements to cursor position
One simple command to execute all the SQL code located above the current cursor position. To add more convenience to stored procedure debugging and designing related queries.

Compound phrase suggestions
The suggestion engine prompts key phrases along with keywords. For instance, instead of CREATE XML you will get CREATE XML SCHEMA COLLECTION or CREATE XML INDEX.

Object and schema suggestions while writing cross-database queries
The suggestion list prompts database objects as well as schemas while writing cross-database queries.