Telerik today announced the latest Telerik DevCraft release, enhancing the most complete .NET toolbox for web, mobile and desktop development. Telerik has further evolved its mobile development approach with the release of Telerik UI for Windows Universal and Telerik UI for Xamarin. Telerik also now has the most advanced mobile and responsive capabilities in the industry for ASP.NET AJAX. In addition, new productivity features for .NET developers are included, such as document processing libraries. Full details will be available during the Telerik DevCraft Q3 2014 Release Webinar, October 29, 11:00 a.m. ET. Register here.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development: Done Your Way
As part of the Q3 2014 DevCraft release, Telerik focused on ensuring .NET developers have all of the tools necessary to develop mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone within their familiar coding language.

Telerik UI for Xamarin: The UI controls for Xamarin include native iOS, Android™ and Windows Phone UI controls for cross-platform native mobile development with the Xamarin framework. Telerik controls enable developers to easily add various data visualization scenarios in Xamarin.Forms apps to enhance the creation of compelling cross-platform native mobile experiences, using a single shared C# codebase.

“We have made major steps to expand our solutions for mobile developers in business and enterprise, and have enjoyed working with Telerik in that effort,” said Joseph Hill, Co-founder, Xamarin. “Welcoming Telerik components to the Xamarin.Forms ecosystem offers millions of developers a powerful toolset to create compelling, engaging mobile apps for the multitude of iOS, Android and Windows devices available today, leveraging the coding language they know and love.”

Telerik UI for Windows Universal: Built from the ground up, Telerik has released native UI controls for building Universal Windows apps. Telerik UI for Windows Universal is not a port from another platform, but a brand new offering that runs on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, utilizing all of the new features of both operation systems. This enables developers to build apps once and deploy on all Windows devices.

Adaptive RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX: Specifically built for mobile, this control is a lightweight version of the popular Telerik RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX, but loads fewer resources and delivers new touch zones, gestures and interactions, matching the mobile experience users have come to expect. The Adaptive RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX is designed for use on tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android.

Enterprise Enhancements for Desktop and Web
In addition to the newly released mobile capabilities, Telerik has also enhanced desktop and web UI controls, productivity tools and data tools to create high-performance, enterprise-ready business applications. Specifically, Telerik has added the ability to process the most common text, spreadsheet and PDF file formats without needing Microsoft® Office or other third-party libraries installed. Application users are able to create, load and modify documents in formats, including DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML, PDF, XLSX, CSV and Tab-delimited, as well as enable seamless export and import of documents or conversion from one format to another. Additional improvements include data validation, support for lists and mail merge functionality.

“The .NET audience remains a vital element of the Telerik community, and we want to ensure we make their lives as easy, efficient and productive as possible,” said Aaron Mahimainathan, Chief Product Officer, Telerik. “As the mobile world rapidly evolves, we’re driven to ensure the .NET community evolves with it. The latest release of Telerik DevCraft includes new UI tools and upgrades to the existing product suite that directly address the mobile needs of our 1.4-million strong developer community.”

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