SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for teams, announced a new integration between SwaggerHub, the integrated API design and documentation platform built for teams, and Apigee. This new integration enables teams to quickly and easily deploy and sync their API definitions with Apigee’s Edge API management platform directly from SwaggerHub.

Organizations across all industries and geographies are increasingly leveraging APIs, be it for accelerating software delivery times with internal APIs or driving strategic initiatives and revenues with public APIs. For an organization’s API programs to be successful, apart from great design and documentation, there’s also an important need for effectively managing the API’s consumption. To allow users to seamlessly go from design and documentation, to deployment and management, SmartBear’s SwaggerHub has developed the integration with Apigee Edge.

“SwaggerHub is recognized as the leader in collaborative API design and documentation for organizations to quickly deliver quality APIs,” said Ole Lensmar, CTO at SmartBear Software and Chairman of the Open API Initiative. “Using the latest SwaggerHub integration with Apigee Edge, customers can easily deploy their API definition as a proxy to Apigee’s powerful API management platform directly from SwaggerHub, allowing them to seamlessly go from design and documentation, to deployment and management.”

SwaggerHub is the integrated API design and documentation platform for OpenAPI (Swagger) based APIs. SwaggerHub allows development teams to drive consistency and discipline across the entire API development workflow. The platform is developed and maintained by the same team behind the popular open source Swagger tools.

Apigee, owned by Google, has become one of the leading providers of API management solutions in the technology landscape, allowing organizations to manage complexity and risk in the multi- and hybrid cloud world across the API lifecycle. Apigee enables over 300 customers and partners to strengthen their API security and expand its reach to the right audience. Apigee Edge is a platform specifically aimed at developing and managing APIs as proxies with value added features like security, analytics, quotas and more.

This new integration enables teams to easily leverage the combined benefits of SwaggerHub and Apigee to develop and deploy APIs faster, resulting in increased time-to-market and reduced development complexity.

Learn more about the integration in this SwaggerHub post: