Google has launched a new website to help developers gain more insight into their applications. Google Analytics Demos & Tools aims to give experienced developers the ability to be more productive and improve their business through Google Analytics and advanced measurements.

“As a member of the Google Analytics Developer Relations team, I often hear from our community that they want to do more with GA but don’t always know how,” wrote Philip Walton, developer programs engineer at Google, on the company’s blog. “They know the basics but want to see full examples and demos that show how things should be built.”

The website will feature live demos to help developers learn more about what Google Analytics has to offer, as well as tools to showcase how they can use analytics to extend their custom solutions.

The site includes:
• Enhanced e-commerce demos to show developers how the Enhanced Ecommerce code works and what they need to implement it in their own site
• A new account explorer tool to allow developers to search or browse their accounts, properties and views. In addition, the tool will enable developers to see what accounts they have access to and what IDs they need for a number of Google Analytics services
• The Google Analytics Embed API to aid developers in creating and embedding a dashboard on third-party websites in minutes, according to the company. It provides a set of pluggable components used to build complex tools
• Polymer elements demos that show developers how to build dashboards that report Google Analytics data without having to write any JavaScript code
• Dimensions & Metrics Explorer, which lists the dimensions and metrics that are available through the Core Reporting API
• Query Explorer, a tool that lets developers explore the Core Reporting API
• Spreadsheet add-on to simplify accessing, visualizing, sharing and manipulating Google Spreadsheet data.

“Every page that makes use of a Google Analytics technology lists that information in the footer, making it easy for developers to see how all the pieces fit together,” Walton wrote.

The Google Analytics Demos & Tools are open source and available on GitHub.