IBM is expanding its portfolio of developer tools to include microservices. The company announced the new Microservices Builder designed to help developers create, deploy and manage apps built with microservices.

“Microservice Builder gives developers the foundation they need to build applications using a full microservices-based architecture and the flexibility they want to deploy these applications where they make the most sense for their business,” said Denis Kennelly, general manager of IBM Hybrid Cloud. “Microservice Builder also takes advantage of other tools, such as Istio, that simplify the integration and management of microservices so development teams can spend more time updating apps with new features and less time manually configuring them.”

According to the company, with microservices rapidly gaining popularity, developers need an end-to-end solution to help them better create and integrate features and functions faster. Microservice Builder helps developers with tasks like writing and testing code, and deploying and updating new features. Developers can also easily add common functions like runtimes, resiliency testing, configuration and security to their solutions.

“Microservice Builder provides a turn-key approach with simple, step-by-step support that details how to create applications in a microservices framework. Microservice Builder provides users with end-to-end guidance that includes configuration, development, deployment, capacity planning and monitoring to ensure a smooth microservices lifecycle from development to production,” the company wrote on its website.

Features include the MicroProfile programming model, integration with DevOps pipelines, security features through OpeNID Connect and JSON Web Token, and a production-ready runtime environment for cloud or on-premises solutions. In addition, the solution provides personalized user experiences, reduces costs and complexity with portability across clouds, and provides real-time diagnosis and resolution of app infrastructure across environments.