Mozilla is continuing its commitment to the Internet of Things. The company recently announced it would turn its focus from Firefox OS for smartphones to Firefox OS for connected devices, and it is now announcing four new experimental projects as part of that connected devices initiative.

“We are focused on a gated innovation process that includes time to brainstorm solutions to real-life problems and evaluate the market opportunity for these ideas,” wrote Ari Jaaksi, senior vice president of connected devices at Mozilla, in a blog post. “Additionally, we are aligning ourselves with users when it comes to simplicity, ease-of-use and engaging experiences, while ensuring everything is built with the Mozilla values of openness, transparency, privacy and user control at the core.”

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The four projects include:

  • Project Link: Meant to act as a personal user agent. The project will understand how a user interacts with the devices in their home, and will automate those devices.
  • Project Sensor Web: A pilot project to help sensors understand their living environments.
  • Project Smart Home: Aims to be the middle ground between “in a box” solutions and DIY solutions. The project is designed to provide users with affordable and easy-to-use smarthome technology.
  • Project Vaani: An IoT enabler package for developers, device makers and users who wish to customize their devices with a voice interface.

Mozilla is looking to the developer community to help develop, test and evaluate these projects.

“We cannot do this without our dedicated and passionate community of developers and volunteers serving in an array of roles, as they are critical at ensuring each project has the best opportunity at making an impact,” Jaaksi wrote.