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Mozilla details first round of IoT projects

Mozilla is continuing its commitment to the Internet of Things. The company recently announced it would turn its focus from Firefox OS for smartphones to Firefox OS for connected devices, and it is now announcing four new experimental projects as part of that connected devices initiative. “We are focused on a gated innovation process that … continue reading

Mozilla announces Firefox OS and connected devices decisions, the latest Apache Mesos release, and GitHub addresses January incident—SD Times digest: Feb. 4, 2016

After the December announcement made by Mozilla’s senior vice president of connected devices, Ari Jaaksi, Mozilla shared its decisions about Firefox OS, with changes to Marketplace, foxfooding, and the product innovation process. Mozilla will be focusing on exploring new product innovations in Internet of Things, according to an e-mail that was shared to the Firefox … continue reading

Mozilla to stop selling Firefox OS smartphones, more APIs for Windows apps, and Hortonworks’ Spark improvements—SD Times news digest: Dec. 9, 2015

Mozilla is giving up on its Firefox OS phones. According to TechCrunch, the company has announced it will no longer develop or sell Firefox OS smartphones through carrier channels. According to the company, the smartphone wasn’t able to capture the market as the best user experience out there. The company will continue to experiment with … continue reading

Mozilla previews Firefox OS 2.5, Gear VR ready for preorder, and Google Chrome updates—SD Times news digest: Nov. 11, 2015

Mozilla has announced the Firefox OS 2.5 developer preview along with an experimental Android app. The app lets developers experience Firefox OS as an alternate home screen on their Android device, without having to re-flash and replace Android installation. Version 2.5 features add-ons that can extend apps, a new privacy feature that allows users to … continue reading

Hyundai rolls out Android Auto-enabled vehicle, Windows 10 for Android and iPhone, and more BlackBerry layoffs—SD Times news digest: May 26, 2015

Hyundai has announced ahead of Google I/O later this week that the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the first consumer vehicle to integrate Google’s Android Auto automotive OS. Hyundai will offer 2015 Sonata owners with navigation features in a free software update that integrates Android Auto into the car’s interface. Android Auto will provide Sonata features … continue reading

Mozilla’s Node.js modules for Firefox OS, Git 2.3, and new hybrid Azure test environments—SD Times news digest: Feb. 6, 2015

Mozilla has open-sourced node-firefox, a collection of Node.js modules to help developers create Firefox OS apps. The modules allow developers to interact with Firefox using Mozilla’s DevTools remote protocol in their already existing Node.js tool chains, but through Mozilla’s WebIDE tool in a more terminal-based experience. Each module performs a different task in a separate … continue reading

Mozilla designs browser specifically for developers

Mozilla is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Firefox with the release of Firefox Developer edition, a browser dedicated to developers. “Developers are critical to the continued success of the Web,” wrote Dave Camp, director of developer tools at Mozilla, on the company’s blog. “The content and apps they create compel us to come back to … continue reading

Should developers opt to code for Web or native apps?

Ever since Apple created the iOS ecosystem, countless developers moved to focus their energies on the mobile world. As a result, more and more content is being consumed and more apps are being used as routine parts of people’s daily lives. It seems mobile is dominant in every way. However, according to Web analytics company … continue reading

SD Times news digest: August 25, 2014—Robo Brain, first Firefox OS smartphone available in India, and Appcelerator’s latest funding round

Robot brain learns concepts by searching Internet Computer scientists have developed a large-scale computational system that learns from resources that are publicly available on the Internet. Robo Brain is currently downloading and processing about 1 billion images, 120,000 YouTube videos, and 100 million how-to documents and appliance manuals, and will store the information in a … continue reading

Firefox OS apps now run on Android

With Firefox for Android 29, developers can now run their Firefox OS Open Web Apps natively on Android … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Is Firefox OS a serious mobile platform?

It is, but it’s not to be taken seriously until more people use it … continue reading

Firefox OS support added to Apache Cordova

Developers building applications using the Cordova framework can now release them on Mozilla’s mobile OS … continue reading Protection Status