Developers who build Web applications using the Apache Cordova platform can now release them onto Mozilla’s mobile operating system. The Cordova framework makes it possible for developers to port applications to Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, and now with the latest release of Cordova version 3.4, Firefox OS.
“Over the past few months, Mozilla has been working with the Cordova team to integrate Firefox OS into the Cordova framework, making it possible to release Cordova apps on the Firefox OS platform,” wrote Jason Weathersby, Mozilla technical evangelist.

The Firefox OS is designed for applications that are developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Cordova enables mobile application developers to write Web apps and package them as native apps.

Mozilla has developed a sample app to test and debug the Cordova and Firefox OS integration. The sample app is available on GitHub.

Instructions on how to build Cordova apps for Firefox OS are available here.