DevExpress, a leading global software development company, announced today the next release in the DXv2 generation of software development tools, DXperience 12.1.  The technology landscape is quickly changing. New platforms are emerging and more than ever we find great user experience and agile design at the center of the development conversation. Developers are looking to deliver next-generation user experiences to their users, on the desktop, on the Web or across a broad array of Touch-enabled mobile devices. DXperience 12.1 tools and components help developers take on these new challenges using their existing skills & the technologies available today. “It’s critical to DevExpress that our tools provide a bridge from our customers’ existing investments in ASP.NET to future platforms like iOS. We’re committed to delivering that bridge to ensure developers have a smooth transition,” said Julian Bucknall, Chief Technology Officer at DevExpress.

Right Platform. Right Design. Right Decision.
Beautiful design and rich user experiences are also moving to the center of the development conversation. Legacy applications now must run on an array of new mobile devices, like iPads, slates and mobile phones. Building applications  designed for the device they’ll run on requires more focus than ever on great design principles . The design time visualization, dynamic themes and new tools like the Cross-Platform Data Library in DXperience  12.1 by DevExpress help developers to realize their creative vision.

“With 12.1, we’re going to start with a revolutionary new approach to building applications. We don’t believe that developers want to be building applications from individual controls,” said Dave Mendlen, Chief Marketing Officer. “As the computing industry gravitates to simpler and more polished applications, we want to help developers create these by starting at a much higher level of abstraction. Why should developers be forced to assemble the pieces together?”

Dazzling Design. Developer Delivered.
Touch-enabled application development requires developers to re-think the future of application design and user experiences. From a WinForms developer building client applications to a Web developer building for mobile platforms, DXperience 12.1 by DevExpress, helps to by leveraging the rich skillsets developers already have and the technologies available today. New docking panels in DXperience 12.1  and support for gestures across the entire suite of tools and  will take Touch to the next level.  New built-in themes, like the Metropolis Dark,  help developers to create applications that are as elegant as they are efficient.

“DevExpress has been investing in building natural user interface components that look and behave like native iOS controls.  This industry leading investment means that an ASP.NET developer can build a solution using the skills and tools they have today along with the DXperience 12.1 controls from DevExpress and effectively build Touch-enabled iOS applications that look and feel native to the device,” said Tim Huckaby, founder and chairman of InterKnowlogy and Actus Interactive Software.

Better Code. Smaller, Faster, Tested
Whether you’re new to development or are coding at the professional level, CodeRush by DevExpress is a productivity-enhancing tool that helps developers write smaller, higher quality code, faster.  Allowing developers to manage code reliability, CodeRush enhances the Visual Studio 12 development environment while not interfering with their daily coding practices. And, building great user experiences requires attention to every detail and an integrated testing plan. The new tools in DXperience 12.1 for WinForms now includes new Coded UI support, providing functional testing of the user interface and validation of user interface controls. With over 400 automated UI tests included in the installation and with full MSAA technology compliance, developers can now test that the user interface is functioning correctly after code changes. These tests are quicker to run than manual tests so they can be run more frequently.

Award Winning
With over 100 awards, the DXperience products have a long history of success with customers. Recently DevExpress garnered the most awards from Visual Studio Magazine’s Reader’s Choice. In addition, DevExpress was awarded the Best of Visual Studio Award at the Best of Connections event in November.

Free Trial
Developers can download the free, 30-day trial to experience the power of touch-enabled controls, visually stunning applications, and accelerated productivity at