DeviceAnywhere, the industry leader in end-to-end mobile application testing, today announced support for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform across its entire mobile testing and monitoring solution set for developing, deploying and quality assuring mobile enterprise and consumer applications.

New Windows Phone 7 devices – the HTC Surround™ and the Samsung Focus™ – are the latest additions to the portfolio of handsets accessible online with DeviceAnywhere Test Center™. Additional Windows Phone 7 handsets will be made available as they launch. DeviceAnywhere Test Center™ is a cloud-based solution used by thousands of global organizations to get full access and control of real mobile devices for all their testing needs.  The new Windows Phone 7 devices are now available in the AT&T U.S. package as well as in the Windows U.S. / Canada package.

Additionally, support for Windows Phone 7 is immediately available in DeviceAnywhere’s Test Automation for Smart Devices™, the industry leading solution for mobile test automation, leveraged by hundreds of enterprises to assure the quality of their customer and employee facing mobile applications in a cost-effective and efficient manner. As enterprises extend desktop application functionality to mobile, Test Automation for Smart Devices™ is an essential solution for all aspects of mobile testing for smart device platforms, now including Windows Phone 7.

“Windows applications have been a standard across enterprise organizations worldwide. These companies are now turning to mobile to stay ahead. The ability to test and QA software is a much higher priority on the mobile platform as applications need to work across a variety of device models and form factors. That’s where DeviceAnywhere comes in,” said Faraz Syed, Co-Founder and CEO of DeviceAnywhere.

“With the addition of support for Windows Phone 7 we reiterate our commitment to providing support for the latest devices across our entire product set. The launch of the new Window Phone 7 platform marks the beginning of an entirely new set of opportunities for the enterprise market. From our viewpoint this is an exciting new player in the OS space and we are looking forward to supporting them.”

New DeviceAnywhere customers can get immediate access to the Windows Phone 7 devices by visiting here. There you will get FIVE FREE HOURS plus an additional THIRTY FREE HOURS after your trial has expired, plus half off the package access fee. If you are an existing DeviceAnywhere customer, simply add the “[US] AT&T VDL” package or the “[US/CA] Microsoft Windows Mobile” package to your account. Additionally, you may call DeviceAnywhere at (877) 338-4230, option 1 or +44-118-9255-079 or by email at
For questions regarding our Test Automation for Smart Devices product on Windows Phone 7 devices please contact our sales department at (877) 338-4230, option 1 or +44-118-9255-079 or by email at You can also check out our online demo of Test Automation for Smart Devices at