SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, today reported record growth of the CloudTest community, exceeding 30,000 registered users of the CloudTest platform in Q1 2015. SOASTA also announced widespread adoption of its Web and mobile testing solutions, with more than 1,600 customers completing more than 285,000 tests using CloudTest during the quarter. This rapid growth shows that DevOps-driven digital businesses are embracing a more continuous approach to testing, and CloudTest is meeting their needs for fast and efficient global performance measurement.

Used across industries including Financial Services, Media, Consumer, High Tech and all of the Top 20 online retailers in the U.S., SOASTA CloudTest enables digital businesses to quickly measure and optimize their Web and mobile applications. The CloudTest platform can dynamically ramp load in a test or production environment―spinning up millions of geographically distributed simulated users via cross-cloud load generation―and allows for real-time analysis and problem solving with streaming big data analytics. The CloudTest solution is responsible for fundamentally changing load and performance testing through its rapid execution and real-time results. By streamlining costly and time-consuming processes, and reducing runtimes to hours or even minutes, CloudTest users are able to employ a continuous performance optimization approach, testing and measuring on a much more frequent basis.

SOASTA CloudTest is the only performance measurement solution with embedded Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities via its mPulse product. The integration of complete, granular performance data from real users makes CloudTest the most comprehensive, scalable platform for understanding and optimizing end-to-end performance―from client-side user experience all the way through to backend infrastructure―and enables CloudTest users to build the most realistic and relevant test models. This integration provides digital business owners the ability to view all performance data in a single, interactive dashboard and make key performance optimization decisions based on real-time data―both during and after test execution.

“Gaining competitive advantage by speeding the development, test and delivery process of new Web and mobile apps is a huge business driver behind our customers’ move to DevOps,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA. “In the digital world, more than ever before, time is money. While once considered impossible, continuously load testing a live production site is the new norm. Only CloudTest supports the continuous testing and measurement needed by leading ecommerce brands who understand that every customer experience matters.”

SOASTA CloudTest, in both commercial and free versions, has replaced legacy performance testing offerings by reworking traditional processes that were constrained by hardware costs, slow deployment and software and licensing limitations. SOASTA has been recognized by Gartner as a “Leader” in its Magic Quadrant for Software Quality.

Developers and testers can obtain Free Forever access to CloudTest HERE. The commercial offering is a SaaS model that is fully hosted but can also be utilized behind corporate firewalls to support testing from development and test labs all the way through to live production. For immediate needs, the SOASTA CloudTest On Demand service can plan and execute tests of any scale – often in a matter of hours – and starts at US $1995.

For more information on how CloudTest and continuous approaches are changing how performance is embedded across the delivery lifecycle, join the SOASTA webinar “Get Ready for Changes in Load Testing” on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Sign up HERE.