While DevOps has enabled teams to achieve high velocity, speed is not going to help if teams don’t have a handle on their operations and process. CloudBees today announced the CloudBees Suite for end-to-end insights into software delivery at DevOps World | Jenkins World in San Francisco.

According to CloudBees’ CEO Sacha Labourey, the suite represents the company’s new DevOps vision, which includes continuous integration and continuous delivery, but also governance and compliance. “It is like if you built a car to go fast and you get to a point where it goes 200 miles per hour, but you didn’t think about building breaks,” he said. “We don’t want to slow DevOps down, but we want to make sure there is some governance and cloud in place without impacting velocity.”

The CloudBees Suite will include CloudBees Core, CloudBees DevOptics, CloudBees CodeShip and CloudBees Jenkins support. CloudBees Core is designed to provide governance and control in a self-managed way whether teams are working on-premises or in the cloud. It also comes with limited Kube CD availability, a solution for cloud-native applications on Kubernetes.

CloudBees DevOptics is the company’s recently announced DevOps monitoring solution, which provides insights into mean lead time, deployment frequency, mean time to restore and change fail percentage. It supports both CloudBees Core and Jenkins CI/CD deployment. In addition, the company announced a free version of CloudBees DevOpstics for basic operational insights.

CloudBees CodeShip is a CI/CD as a Service solution for NoOps teams.

Finally, CloudBees Jenkins support is a newly announced subscription service for Jenkins users. According to Labourey, CloudBees Core is more suitable for operating multiple teams while Jenkins is good for single teams. However, some businesses are not ready to move to CloudBees Core, and have already tried to scale Jenkins among multiple teams, he explained.  The support is meant to help Jenkins users organize and manage their teams, and eventually make the migration process to CloudBees Core easier. The support will include maintenance for Jenkins, Jenkins stability, upgrades through the CloudBees Assurance program, developer support for Jenkins pipelines and automated diagnostics.

CloudBees is also announcing a new starter kit to help organizations that are just starting on their DevOps journey. It will include monitoring, software value stream visualization, DevOps performance metrics and CloudBees professional services for pipelines.

“Every business is a software business, facing pressure to innovate constantly. However, increasing velocity to keep up with innovation introduces new business risks that companies need to manage,” said Christina Noren, chief product officer, CloudBees. “As enterprises move to the cloud and continue to transform to DevOps practices, CloudBees enables them to bring velocity, agility and governance to any application, from classic to cloud native applica