The low-code DevOps company Copado is launching a new marketplace to help companies find pre-built solutions from itself, its partners, and the Copado community. These solutions can be used to extend the features of Copado’s DevOps platform for Salesforce.

Companies can benefit from the existing expertise of experts who have already solved DevOps challenges and are now sharing that knowledge. 

The DevOps Exchange is launching with over 40 listings, and more will be added. The company hopes that the marketplace will serve as a one-stop shop for customers who are looking to “accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

The company also explained that solutions within the cloud can help with even the most complex situations, such as end-to-end business processes that span multiple clouds. 

“The Copado DevOps Exchange can unlock an organization’s potential to automate anything in the software delivery lifecycle. The possibilities are endless,” said David Brooks, senior vice president of product strategy at Copado. 

Simon Whight, platform technical architect for Zen Internet, which uses Copado, added: “The main driver for us to work with Copado was that it allowed us to achieve mouse-click deployments. If anything requires a command line interface, I prefer it to sync with Copado to keep the technology barrier accessible at an admin level. With Copado’s DevOps Exchange, I’m excited to have access to a one-stop shop to find complementary DevOps products that are compatible with the Copado platform.”