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Copado releases new AI assistant for creating Salesforce tests

The DevOps company Copado has announced a new AI assistant for Salesforce test creation called Test Copilot. This follows the company’s recent announcement of Copado Explorer, which is an automated testing solution designed for Salesforce users, as well as the launch of its AI assistant CopadoGPT, which Test Copilot is built on.  Users provide a … continue reading

Copado releases new automated testing solution for Salesforce users

Copado is releasing a new tool designed to make it easier to test Salesforce applications. Copado Explorer integrates into CI/CD pipelines and automates a significant portion of the testing process.  As manual testers are executing their normal activities, Copado Explorer works in the background to create test scripts using its generative AI scripting assistant, Test … continue reading

Copado is bringing generative AI to DevOps with beta for CopadoGPT

Copado, a provider of a Salesforce DevOps platform, has expanded the beta program for its AI platform, CopadoGPT, to all customers after successful internal validation.  CopadoGPT serves as a cross-platform intelligence layer that provides advice and recommendations on Salesforce DevOps best practices, accelerating test generation, enriching user stories, and generating release notes.  The company created … continue reading

Copado launches new DevOps marketplace for plug-and-play integrations

The low-code DevOps company Copado is launching a new marketplace to help companies find pre-built solutions from itself, its partners, and the Copado community. These solutions can be used to extend the features of Copado’s DevOps platform for Salesforce. Companies can benefit from the existing expertise of experts who have already solved DevOps challenges and … continue reading

Copado introduces new DevSecOps training module

Copado, the low-code DevOps company, today launched a new DevSecOps training module in order to make software releases faster and more secure. The module is currently available in the Copado Community. “Without DevSecOps best practices, software releases can be plagued with quality and security issues, costing more time and money post-production to correct them,” said … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Tricentis acquires Testim; SmartBear releases Bugsnag updates; TigerGraph to launch “Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge”;

Tricentis, an organization focused on test automation for modern cloud and enterprise applications, today announced that it has acquired the AI-based SaaS test automation platform, Testim. This combination is aimed to simplify Tricentis’ test automation, allowing users to more easily create end-to-end tests. “We are very excited to join Tricentis,” said Oren Rubin, founder and … continue reading Protection Status