Copado is releasing a new tool designed to make it easier to test Salesforce applications. Copado Explorer integrates into CI/CD pipelines and automates a significant portion of the testing process. 

As manual testers are executing their normal activities, Copado Explorer works in the background to create test scripts using its generative AI scripting assistant, Test Copilot. These scripts can then be added into regression suites, shortening release cycles and expanding test coverage. 

It includes traceability features that allow users to understand exactly where an issue is coming from. It tracks defects against normal Salesforce features as well as user stories, and includes support for Jira and Azure DevOps. 

Testers can also record the test steps they went through and share that with developers, which results in fewer feedback loops being needed. 

In addition, Copado Explorer includes annotation and markup tools that allow non-technical subject matter experts to weigh in on issues, which provides additional context to the development team who is responsible for fixing them.

“Release quality is a leading driver of risk, cost and speed within the software development life cycle,” said Esko Hannula, senior vice president of product management at Copado. “Copado Explorer makes it easy to automate the manual testing process, drastically reducing the time and effort typically required in traditional testing methods and improving both release velocity and quality. This launch not only underscores Copado’s commitment to innovation, but also sets a new benchmark in facilitating streamlined, effective, and collaborative software testing.”