Some of the most valuable takeaways at technology conferences come from sessions delivered by real users solving real problems at a ground level. DevOps World 2020 has a rich program planned featuring technology experts from some of the biggest names across a wide array of industries – names like, eBay, Spotify, IBM, TIAA or Intel.

The virtual conference, scheduled for Sept. 22-24, will offer more than 100 break-out sessions, panels and keynotes along with additional networking and recreational options specially planned to maximize remote engagement. There will be something for everyone at this year’s event, but for those looking for strong user stories in particular, here are a few sessions you won’t want to miss. 

Cloud Native DevOps at the Scale of Salesforce – Aaron Nassiry,
Salesforce has grown into a CRM powerhouse servicing more than 150,000 customers. As the business scales, it has had to tackle more complicated software delivery issues across teams and across regions. Aaron Nassiry, a lead DevOps engineer at Salesforce, will cover some of those initiatives in his breakout session.

 Salesforce configured a system where everything is managed through code, allowing teams to revert changes and make changes faster. Feature developments that used to take a month now can be wrapped in 2-3 days. Nassiry will get down to a granular level, explaining how his team migrated two masters, 60 agents, 1,500 developers and 100 scrum teams from on-premise Jenkins Enterprise to CloudBees CI and reduced Jenkins upgrade times by two thirds.

If you’re scaling your own operation, Salesforce has lessons that will be informative. 

DevSecOps: An Ideal Use Case For Applying AI – Maria Schwenger, American Family Insurance
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being integrated into applications across industries, powering everything from chatbots for marketers to control systems for autonomous vehicles. But how much of an impact has AI had on DevSecOps? Maria Schwenger, a cybersecurity and DevOps transformation leader at American Family Insurance, will cover how her company and others are working to scale this hurdle.

Schwenger, an innovative DevSecOps Leader well-known for being successful at implementing the vision of modern DevSecOps, will outline the benefits of combining DevSecOps with AI in a practical way. She will introduce use cases into holistic process improvements implemented with AI, cover improved communication with continuous integration and deployment teams, and detail how AI can implement code improvement and operation fixes. AI is here – and ready to make its mark on DevSecOps.

TIAA: Delivering Fast, Secure, Quality Software with CloudBees CI & CD Aaron Pierce, TIAA
TIAA, the large retirement fund manager, has received high praise in recent years in tech publications for an internal initiative to clear a more direct path to digital transformation. The project, called Refactor, established closer collaboration between business and IT, leveraged a Scaled Agile Framework for adopting agile in large enterprises and forged new DevOps practices for continuous integration and continuous deployment.

CloudBees is at the center of the DevOps function. TIAA uses the full suite of CloudBees’ CI and CD components to drive fast, secure, quality software into containerized environments. Aaron Pierce, head of DevOps engineering and test environment operations, will describe how TIAA is building scalable pipelines with tight integration with their cyber security, change management and product release partners.

The Refactor initiative has generated results. According to a profile in, the improved automated development and testing shrunk the test efforts from 130 people and six weeks for a single test-pass down to a fully automated one hour-per-test pass and processes requests in the underlying data and service architecture 200 times faster than the previous system.

eBay’s Journey Building CI at Scale – Ravi Kiran Rao Bukka and Vasumathy Seenuvasan, eBay
To build one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, eBay has made skillful use of open source platforms. A pair of software developers will describe eBay’s journey of best practice and learnings on the open source front – particularly how it has used Jenkins to create a scalable CI platform serving around 43,000 builds per day.

Ravi Kiran Rao Bukka and Vasumathy Seenuvasan will talk about how containerized Jenkins instances running on a resource-orchestrated platform have given eBay the ability to scale on demand. Inspired by an open source project, the Jenkins credentials plugin has been customized based on the needs to store credentials as Kubernetes secrets and it has been open sourced as well. The developers will summarize the infrastructure and processes eBay constructed to monitor the system’s health, performance and tune resources, and build CI at scale.

Tales From a Mobile DevOps Engineer – Nicola Corti, Spotify 
What kinds of challenges does a mobile DevOps engineer encounter while building apps for a global technology innovator like Spotify? Nicola Corti, an infrastructure engineer from Stockholm, will share his personal experiences, describe his preferred tools and relate some of the lessons he’s learned while building mobile infrastructures.

At Spotify, Corti’s seen the challenges a growing mobile team experiences needing to meet increasingly demanding deadlines up close. DevOps takes on a new urgency in a fast-paced environment. Teams need to adapt tools and processes to the mobile release flow so organizations can monitor applications, roll out new features safely and react quickly to disappointing reviews.

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