JFrog wants to bring DevOps further into the enterprise with its acquisition of development and DevOps technology consulting company Trainologic. The company provides consulting services for Java, Scala, front end, DevOps, Big Data, software architecture and DevOps technologies.

According to JFrog, Trainologic’s years of consulting and training experience make it a perfect fit and will help accelerate the company’s vision of liquid software, which refers to providing software updates that run automatically and continuously.

“We are ecstatic to see the tremendous DevOps industry adoption of JFrog tools with a growing ecosystem of market experts who are available to support customers in the implementation of our universal binaries solution,”  said Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO and co-founder of JFrog. “Trainologic stands out in their know-how of the developer tools space and being seen as trusted advisors by customers. Together we will be able to further support our Enterprise customers and open source community. We are thrilled to have the team on board and welcome them to the JFrog family.”

In addition, JFrog plans to launch a new DevOps consulting unit that will work towards accelerating the adoption of DevOps practices along with the company’s Enteprise+ platform. Trainologic’s CEO Gal Marder will become the head of the unit and VP of DevOps Consulting. The company’s global team will join JFrog’s local offices.

“We’re incredibly excited to join the JFrog team and take part in the Liquid Software vision,” said Marder. “This year’s launch of the JFrog platform has taken DevOps to the next level, accelerating the software release cycle with an end-to-end pipeline for managing and tracing the flow of binary artifacts from code to production. With the strong cultural fit of our companies and our unmatched experience in DevOps, Trainologic’s team can help further expand JFrog’s impact on leading global enterprises.”