JFrog has announced ConanCenter, an open-source, decentralized and multi-platform package manager for developers to create and share native binaries. 

ConanCenter aims to improve C and C++ DevOps package search and discovery by providing a better search UX and an easy-to-find list of configuration options. 

“With more and more industries integrating onto Conan, including automotive, robotics, IoT, and healthcare, JFrog’s newly updated ConanCenter represents an important step in giving developers access to a curated and robust central public repository,” JFrog wrote in a post.

The company said that it is planning to integrate the center with other JFrog tools to make it even easier to securely access all available packages. 

According to JFrog, the new solution will provide tools such as:

  • Simple, faster search and discovery of C and C++ libraries
  • Better search UX and an easy to find list of configuration options
  • Recipe information available upfront
  • Backed by a free binary building service for multiple OS’s, architectures and compilers

“Most of the IoT world uses C/C++ and JFrog wants to enable DevOps for the IoT community in our next leap,” said Yoav Landman, the CTO of JFrog.