Wind River announced the latest release of Wind River Studio, the company’s cloud-native platform for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of mission-critical intelligent systems from devices to cloud.

New additions include a customizable automation engine, digital feedback loop, enhanced security, analytics with machine learning capabilities and a DevSecOps pipeline. 

“Wind River Studio delivers a flexible and collaborative platform that addresses the dynamic automation needs surrounding the intelligent systems of the future, providing a complete lifecycle experience adapted for a cloud native environment,” said Kevin Dallas, president and CEO of Wind River. 

The platform also now offers customizable automation pipelines and integration with commonly used automation tools to help developers build connected intelligent systems such as airborne delivery drones, autonomous vehicles, and factory robots.

For the development stage, the new release offers a pipeline manager visual tool to monitor the CI/CD of collaborative projects for VxWorks and Wind River Linux. It also offers digital twin creation and synchronization to model resources, devices, and entire systems with Wind River Simics; quick emulation using QEMU; and simulation.

For the deployment stage, the new studio offers a modern cloud platform updated with new 5G vRAN accelerator support and GPU enabled for AI-on-5G and augmented reality application support.

It also offers a digital feedback loop and analytics powered by the digital feedback loop for real-time analysis, reporting, and alerting of infrastructure and application performance. 

Enablement services are offered for network setup, configuration, installation, and testing of Studio into Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. In addition, acceleration services provide analysis and migration of legacy workflows, transformation services provide managed services, security, certification, and machine learning practices. Concierge Services are also available for select customers to accelerate onboarding with any of the other services.