The deployment automation company, Octopus Deploy, today announced a ServiceNow Change Management integration and early access to its DevOps insights for DORA metrics. Both of these enhancements are intended to assist enterprise teams in improving DevOps outcomes.

These capabilities help enterprise DevOps teams deploy software by eliminating error-prone manual processes that come with software change management as well as offering insights on performance based on the four DORA metrics.

“Deployment automation provides the collaboration and process environment at the intersection where ‘Dev’ and ‘Ops’ teams connect and work,” said Paul Stovell, CEO and co-founder of Octopus Deploy. “Change Management automation via our ServiceNow integration and DORA metrics insights will help our customers speed feedback loops and streamline change management along with better visibility into the overall health of DevOps initiatives.”

According to Octopus Deploy, the ServiceNow Change Management integration enables users to meet audit and compliance requirements and improve the overall productivity of DevOps teams.  

A few key benefits of this integration are the ability to automatically create change requests and associate them with deployments and ensure that unapproved changes never make it into production.

The new Octopus DevOps Insights provides metrics at two levels. All customers can access reports at a project level in order to uncover insights based on deployment history, but enterprise customers have access to additional, aggregate insights as well. 

These insights offer users aggregate data across their space so that they can compare metrics across projects. Additionally, they enable better decision making and quantify DevOps performance based on data.

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