Today, Pluralsight announced that it is acquiring the company DevelopIntelligence to accelerate digital transformation. The company is also offering a new delivery module tool as well as new strategies to its skills development platform that help to align skills development strategy with business objectives. 

Pluralsight acquires DevelopIntelligence
Pluralsight announced that it acquired DevelopIntelligence to broaden upskilling experiences for enterprises and to enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformations. 

DevelopIntelligence provides strategic skills consulting and virtual instructor-led training for IT, software development, and engineering teams at many of the world’s most influential enterprise companies.

“Together, Pluralsight’s on-demand skill development and DevelopIntelligence’s highly customizable virtual learning programs and strategic consulting services will enable our customers to develop upskilling programs that scale to meet their specific needs while delivering the most effective path to skills development,” said Aaron Skonnard, the co-founder and CEO of Pluralsight. “What the DevelopIntelligence team has created is a natural fit for our long-term strategic growth and further differentiates us from other offerings that lack scale, customizability, or hands-on learning experiences.”

Additional details are available here.

Pluralsight announces new delivery module tool
The new Delivery Module for Pluralsight Flow is designed to help engineering teams overcome roadblocks in the software development process and to identify improvements to deliver greater value. 

“Engineering teams need increased data and visibility into their workflows. Pluralsight Flow delivers these necessary insights, allowing engineers and leaders to see data on the constraints facing their teams and identify how they can best address them. Conversations and efforts can focus on where it matters most, helping teams make changes with real impact,” said Kathryn Murphy, the executive vice president of Pluralsight Flow.

The delivery module offers Jira integration to provide ticket-based analytics configurable to each team’s unique workflow, as well as retrospective reporting, and a ticket log. 

Pluralsight announces new enhancements to its skills platform
The enhancements to the skills platform include the introduction of Priorities – a tool designed to completely align skills development strategy with business objectives and cloud labs, a hands-on learning experience to accelerate cloud skills development.

“As enterprises accelerate digital transformation initiatives to meet the demands of an increasingly distributed workforce, the need for skills development has never been more important. With Pluralsight’s new enhancements such as cloud labs and Priorities, our enterprise customers will be better equipped to give their technologists the fastest possible path to skills development and deliver outcomes that enable enterprises to build better teams and products,” said Brandon Peay, the executive vice president of Pluralsight Skills.

With priorities, technology leaders can specify which skills are needed to achieve technology priorities and then organize content and Skill IQ assessments into skill development plans that can accelerate their team’s ability to deliver on business-critical projects. 

Additional details are available here.