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Report: Cybersecurity and cloud make up the two largest skill gaps in tech

Over half of organizations feel that their cybersecurity and cloud skills are lacking, according to the 2024 Technical Skills Report by Pluralsight, a company that provides upskilling resources. For this year’s report, the company surveyed 1,400 executives and IT professionals. Sixty-five percent of the respondents said that their company was lacking cybersecurity skills and 52% … continue reading

ServiceNow helping companies address skills gap in new features of Now Platform

ServiceNow has announced new capabilities in the Vancouver release of the Now Platform to help companies address development skills gaps. According to a 2023 survey from The Manpower Group, 4 in 5 companies struggle to fill the roles they need. They found that the skills gap is the largest it has been in 17 years.  … continue reading

Pluralsight announced updates in DevOps, delivery, and its skills platform

Today, Pluralsight announced that it is acquiring the company DevelopIntelligence to accelerate digital transformation. The company is also offering a new delivery module tool as well as new strategies to its skills development platform that help to align skills development strategy with business objectives.  Pluralsight acquires DevelopIntelligence Pluralsight announced that it acquired DevelopIntelligence to broaden … continue reading

Reskilling developers for the new software landscape

Software changes fast, and developers will need to vigilantly reskill their workers to maintain competence in the highly competitive arena. Reskilling includes learning new programming languages, containerization, big data and working with the most significant tech disruptor: automation. “There’s a growing awareness that the half-life of any technology skill is about two to three years. … continue reading

Using analytics to place people in the right roles

Software development and IT teams use all manner of analytics, to assess work progress, feature use, application performance and so much more. Today, there comes an analytics solution that measures developer skills and roles, to make sure teams have what it takes to be more productive, speed organizational innovation and deliver great software. Pluralsight today … continue reading

Report: Developers want clear role requirements

Employers that want to keep their developers happy should make sure they’re clear about the details and requirements of a position. HackerRank released its 2019 Developer Skills Report, which found 68 percent of developers say nothing irks them more than being unsure of what is expected of them. “Hiring and retaining skilled developers is critical … continue reading Protection Status