Software development and IT teams use all manner of analytics, to assess work progress, feature use, application performance and so much more. Today, there comes an analytics solution that measures developer skills and roles, to make sure teams have what it takes to be more productive, speed organizational innovation and deliver great software.

Pluralsight today is launching Role IQ and Skill IQ analytics to help organizations make sure they have people in the jobs that best suit them. “Whether learning React or becoming a security expert, ongoing skill development is imperative for teams to innovate and keep pace with change,” said Nate Walkingshaw, chief experience officer at Pluralsight. “By providing insights into the technical expertise across an organization, Pluralsight gives technology leaders the ability to place the right people in the right roles.”

In its announcement, Pluralsight cited an IDC study that found that by 2020, 90 percent of organizations studied will either have to adjust their product plans, face delayed releases or incur lost revenue due to a lack of the right IT skills within the organization.

Pluralsight’s new analytics capabilities include roles analytics, which provide a view of the technical skills within the organization; and tracking skill progress, which lets tech leaders know how team and individual skills are advancing over time. WIth the analytics tools, Pluralsight is offering new services to help organizations map their strategies about learning; customize integrations into BI tools and learning management systems; and onboarding information and best practices to help in platform adoption.