Mozilla Research has announced the new version of Rust, 1.24.0. This will contain two key features which include rustfmt and incremental compilation. Rustfmt is a tool that allows you to reformat Rust code to a standard style. Incremental Compilation allows you to compile the code that you have changed.

Tasktop announces extension of DevOps Process Automation

Tasktop has announced recent research results which reveal that the largest enterprises are now extending DevOps process automation beyond continuous integration and continuous delivery. This will allow the acceleration of software delivery and time-to-market. More of the findings will be revealed in a webinar on February 28th.  

“From what we’ve seen, the more tools you integrate to achieve a connected value stream, the more benefits companies generally accrue,” said Nicole Bryan, vice president of product, Tasktop. “A major problem today is that many companies still take a narrow view of DevOps, focusing on integrating only tools in the release pipeline. But to be effective, they need to consider the entire software delivery cycle. Connecting and automating the entire toolchain is a key enabler in the shift from managing software projects to delivering products and business value.”

Nokia announces review of Digital Health Business  

Nokia has announced the company’s review of the strategic business for its Digital Health business. The business portfolio includes consumer and enterprise products. However, the review may or may not result in any transaction or other changes.

Qualcomm announces new LTE IoT Software Development Kit

Qualcomm Technologies has announced a new LTE IoT Software Development Kit, which will provide support of the commercialization of Internet of Things by using cellular connectivity. The software will help improve cost-efficiency, battery life, and device security.

“As a leader in wireless technology, Qualcomm Technologies is pleased to provide solutions that can help accelerate the development of a global Internet of Things,” said Serge Willenegger, senior vice president and general manager, 4G/5G and Industrial IOT, Qualcomm Wireless GmbH. “As a new element of Qualcomm Technologies’ wireless edge solutions, the LTE IoT SDK, combined with modules based on our MDM9206 LTE IoT chipset, is designed to help OEMs and developers build and commercialize a wide range of exciting and innovative IoT applications in a cost-efficient and expedited manner.”