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JetBrains now has a dedicated IDE for Rust

JetBrains, the creator of many popular IDEs, has an exciting announcement for Rust developers. RustRover is a new IDE specifically for the Rust language. Previously the only tooling available for Rust from JetBrains was IntelliJ Rust, which was a plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs. For many years, Rust has topped the Stack Overflow Developer Survey as … continue reading

Rust Foundation outlines many improvements to the language’s security structure

The Rust Foundation outlined many improvements to the security structure of the language and expressed its commitment to developing tools, features, and recommendations based on security research in its Security Initiative Report.  The Rust advancements follow the White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan that signals a deep civic investment in more secure programming languages like … continue reading

Rust 1.70.0 released with “sparse” protocol for reading index

The developers behind the programming language Rust have announced the release of Rust 1.70.0. One of the changes in this release is that the “sparse” protocol for reading the index is now enabled by default. The team says that using this protocol to get information from the index will allow for significant performance improvements. … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Snapchange

Snapchange is a Rust framework that can be used to fuzz a target binary with minimal modifications, offering useful insight into the process. It works by replaying physical memory snapshots in order to make the fuzzing of various targets more efficient and less complex.  As it is agnostic to the target operating system, the snapshot … continue reading

Rust developers can now use explicit disciminants on enums with fields thanks to Rust 1.66 changes

The latest version of the Rust programming language, Rust 1.66, is now available.  In Rust 1.66, enums that have fields can now use explicit discriminants. This can be used to pass values across language boundaries that require the enum representation to match in both languages.  Previously explicit discriminants could only be used if none of … continue reading

Rust’s addition to the Linux kernel seen as “enormous vote of confidence” in the language

The release candidate for the latest version of the Linux kernel was announced last month, and one of the highlights in the release notes for Linux 6.1 is the inclusion of the initial infrastructure for adding Rust as a language.  Rust has been growing steadily in popularity through the years, and though according to the … continue reading

Rust establishes new security team

The Rust Foundation, the nonprofit organization for the Rust programming language, today announced that it will be establishing a dedicated security team, underwritten by the OpenSSF’s Alpha-Omega Initiative as well as the foundation’s newest platinum member, JFrog.  “There’s often a misperception that because Rust ensures memory safety that it’s one hundred percent secure, but Rust … continue reading

Report: Rust takes the crown in Stack Overflow Developer Survey

For the seventh year, Rust has been named the most loved language in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey.  Eighty-seven percent of Rust developers said that they want to continue using the language.  Rust also tied with Python as the most wanted technology in this year’s report, with TypeScript and Go following closely behind. The distinction between … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Jetpack WindowManager 1.0.0 now stable; Rust-Analyzer joins Rust organization; Whitesource announces SAST solution

The team at Google recently announced that Jetpack WindowManager 1.0.0 is now stable. WindowManager can be used to manage multi-window applications. Since its initial alpha release, the library has added WindowMetrics information and experimental support for activity embedding.  Jetpack WindowManager brings users the DisplayFeature interface as well as its FoldingFeature implementation. These work to provide … continue reading

Rust 1.58.1 now available with fix for security vulnerability

The Rust team has announced the release of Rust 1.58.1, which includes some important fixes for features introduced in Rust 1.58.0. It fixes a race condition in the library “std::fs::remove_dir_all,” otherwise known as the vulnerability CVE-2022-21658. According to the Rust team, an attacker could exploit the vulnerability to trick a privileged program into deleting files … continue reading

Rust 2021 includes several quality of life improvements

The Rust 2021 edition and Rust 1.56.0 stable are now available for download. Editions in Rust enable opt-in changes that have the potential to create backwards compatibility issues. According to the Rust team, this 2021 edition of the language is small, but includes some quality of life changes. New changes in the latest version include: … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Snyk Series F, Visual Studio extensibility updates, and Rust 1.55

Snyk announced that it closed a $530 million Series F investment, which now totals the company’s funding to-date to $8.5 billion.  “This new investment, together with the rapid adoption of our platform and growing customer base, validates our developer security vision,” said Peter McKay, CEO of Snyk. “When security starts with the world’s expanding pool … continue reading

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