For the seventh year, Rust has been named the most loved language in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey. 

Eighty-seven percent of Rust developers said that they want to continue using the language. 

Rust also tied with Python as the most wanted technology in this year’s report, with TypeScript and Go following closely behind. The distinction between most loved and most wanted is that most wanted includes only developers who are not currently developing with the language, but have an interest in developing with it. 

Looking beyond programming languages, Docker and Kubernetes took the top spot for most loved and most wanted tools. Docker was loved by 77% of its user base and Kubernetes by 75%, and 37% want to use Docker and 24% want to use Kubernetes. Last year, Docker was wanted by only 30% of developers. 

In addition, 69% of professional developers view Docker as a fundamental tool, which is up from 55% last year. 

The number of developers learning to code online is also increasing, which may not come as a surprise. The percentage of people learning to code online has increased to 70%, up from 60% last year. The percentage of people who learn to code at university or college is 62%, according to the survey. 

The survey also explored employment status, and found that 69% of respondents are employed full-time, which is an increase of 4% since last year. There was also an increase of 5% in freelance or self-employed developers, up to 15%. 

In addition, only 15% of developers work on-site full time. Forty-three percent are fully remote and 42% are hybrid. Smaller organizations with 2-19 employees are more likely to be in-person, while large organizations with over 10k employees are more likely to be hybrid, according to the survey. 

To learn more, read the full report.