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Stack Overflow and OpenAI announce partnership to enable ChatGPT to use knowledge from Stack Overflow answers

Stack Overflow and OpenAI are announcing a partnership that will bolster each of their respective offerings. OpenAI will leverage Stack Overflow’s OverflowAPI to improve its models using content and feedback from Stack Overflow answers. According to the companies, it will only surface responses that have been vetted and deemed to be accurate. The goal is … continue reading

Google Cloud integrates Gemini into Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow and Google Cloud have announced a new partnership aimed at better serving information to developers. Google Cloud will be integrating the AI model Gemini into Stack Overflow to surface relevant content in response to searches, and Google Cloud will also begin pulling in information directly from Stack Overflow so that developers don’t have … continue reading

The impact of AI use by developers on quality engineering

Generative AI is starting to help software engineers solve problems in their code. The impact of this on quality engineers is already being felt. According to data from Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey, 70% of all respondents are using or are planning to use AI tools in their development process. Further, the study of 90,000 … continue reading

Stack Overflow announces new AI solutions to better serve developers information from its platform

Stack Overflow is leveraging the millions of questions and responses on its platform to create new AI-based capabilities that can make better use of this information and provide developers with solutions to their problems faster.  “For the last fifteen years, developers have come to Stack Overflow to get a solution to a specific problem. With … continue reading

Stack Overflow: Docker surprasses npm as most-used developer technology

In last year’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Docker was the second most used tool, behind npm. In the 2023 survey, it was revealed that Docker has taken the number one slot.  However, npm is still more likely to be used than Docker for those that are still learning to code, commonly with languages that are … continue reading

Report: Rust takes the crown in Stack Overflow Developer Survey

For the seventh year, Rust has been named the most loved language in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey.  Eighty-seven percent of Rust developers said that they want to continue using the language.  Rust also tied with Python as the most wanted technology in this year’s report, with TypeScript and Go following closely behind. The distinction between … continue reading

Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey cover

Report: Videos and blogs are the dominant way young coders learn

Online resources are increasingly becoming the way that new developers learn. Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey indicated that for coders under the age of 18, videos and blogs are more popular than books and school combined.  The development profession is full of new developers. Over 50% of respondents indicated that they have been coding for … continue reading

Prosus to acquire Stack Overflow for $1.8 billion

The technology investment company Prosus has announced its intent to acquire the online development community Stack Overflow for $1.8 billion. According to Stack Overflow, this acquisition will enable it to continue to operate as an independent company, but with the backing of a “global technology powerhouse.” “Prosus is one of the world’s leading technology investors … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Stack Overflow for Teams now free, Saltworks and Secure Code Warrior team up on secure coding, and open-source company Camunda announces new funding

The collaboration platform Stack Overflow for Teams is now free for up to 50 users and the Free plan includes ChatOps integrations to Slack and Microsoft Teams.  “The open source ethos that is foundational to this network was an inspiration for our new free offering. We’re excited to enable those who are working towards a … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Stack Overflow testing new Reactions feature, WSL updates, and Xamarin.Forms 4.7

Stack Overflow has announced that it is testing a new Reactions feature. The new feature includes a button on answers across Stack Overflow to provide a simple way to say “thanks.” “We’ve heard from our users that the inability to say “thank you” is frustrating—especially for new users who don’t have enough reputation to upvote … continue reading

Report: Rust is the most beloved programming language for five years running

Rust continues to maintain its spot as the most beloved of programming languages among professional developers. For the firth year in a row, the Stack Overflow Developer Survey found a majority of developers who are currently using it (86%) say that they are interested in continuing to develop with it. Rust was followed by TypeScript … continue reading

CROKAGE helps developers find Stack Overflow answers

Many developers turn to Stack Overflow to ask questions, share programming knowledge and learn from others, but the amount of information available on the online community can be overwhelming. To tackle this, a group of researchers have developed the Crowd Knowledge Answer Generator (CROKAGE), a new solution designed to help developers easily find relevant information … continue reading Protection Status