The team at Google recently announced that Jetpack WindowManager 1.0.0 is now stable. WindowManager can be used to manage multi-window applications. Since its initial alpha release, the library has added WindowMetrics information and experimental support for activity embedding

Jetpack WindowManager brings users the DisplayFeature interface as well as its FoldingFeature implementation. These work to provide important information such as the hinge’s orientation and state

For more information, see here.

Rust-Analyzer joins Rust organization

The Rust-Analyzer project, a new implementation of the Language Server Protocol for Rust, has been officially brought into the Rust organization. This change unblocks technical work to make Rust-Analyzer the recommended language server for Rust in the near future.

Rust-Analyzer is supported by several editors, including VS Code, Neovim, Vim, and Emacs.

If you are using IntelliJ-Platform based IDEs such as CLion, IDEA, and PyCharm, you do not need Rust-Analyzer. For a full list of editors, see the manual. To read more, visit here.

WhiteSource announces SAST solution 

The software composition analysis company WhiteSource recently revealed that the company will be expanding into custom code security. This announcement comes on the heels of the acquisitions of Xanitizer and DefenseCode, as well as the availability of its static application security testing solution.

Both Xanitizer and DefenseCode have been implemented into WhiteSource’s new SAST engineering organization. This focus on creating custom code vulnerability detection, prioritization, and automated remediation in order to allow developers to identify and fix risks to their software.

“Our goal with DefenseCode has always been to provide the best of breed SAST solution with actionable results and a very low level of noise,” said Leon Juranić, founder of DefenseCode and a security consultant in R&D at WhiteSource. “We are excited to join WhiteSource and the team from Xanitizer to deliver a next-generation SAST offering built from the ground up for DevOps.”