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Jetpack Compose adds native support for vertical and horizontal paging

The Android development team has announced several new features in version 1.4 of the UI toolkit Jetpack Compose.  First, there is now support for vertical and horizontal paging. This enables users to flip through content with a page flip animation, as if they were actually reading a physical book or magazine. Previously in order to … continue reading launches to help developers write cloud apps at scale

Platform engineering company has formally launched with its main offering of Devbox Cloud, a managed service offering for the open-source project Devbox.  Devbox enables developers to define development environments by selecting their preferred tools one time and then recreating those same environments locally everytime. With Devbox Cloud, developers can share those environments with others … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Jetpack WindowManager 1.0.0 now stable; Rust-Analyzer joins Rust organization; Whitesource announces SAST solution

The team at Google recently announced that Jetpack WindowManager 1.0.0 is now stable. WindowManager can be used to manage multi-window applications. Since its initial alpha release, the library has added WindowMetrics information and experimental support for activity embedding.  Jetpack WindowManager brings users the DisplayFeature interface as well as its FoldingFeature implementation. These work to provide … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google updates differential privacy library; Foldable SDK updates with Jetpack Window Manager; ChaosNative announces enterprise chaos engineering tool

In honor of Data Privacy Day, today Google shared updates on its effort to create free tools geared towards helping the developer community build and launch new applications for differential privacy.  In partnership with OpenMinded, an organization of open-source developers, Google achieved a new milestone with its differential privacy framework. This product enables any Python … continue reading

Compose Preview in Jetpack Compose 1.0

Jetpack Compose 1.0 introduces new method of previewing states

The Android team at Google has announced that Jetpack Compose 1.0 is now available. Jetpack Compose is a UI toolkit for Android developers.  According to the team, Compose has been developed in the open for the past two years with participation from the Android community. As of this 1.0 release, there are already 2000 apps … continue reading

SD Times news digest: AppSearch now available in alpha on Jetpack, SmartBear releases new plug-in for SwaggerHub for IntelliJ IDEA, HCL releases the latest version of Domino

AppSearch in Jetpack, the on-device search library to create high performance and feature-rich full-text search functionality, is now available in alpha.  With AppSearch, developers have access to offline search capabilities, lower latency for indexing and querying over large data sets, relevant search results and multi-language support.  Users add an item by typing in the name … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Knowledge Process Automation Platform, Progress Telerik Test Studio update, and Jetpack Tiles library in alpha announced it has received $22.6 million in series A funding to accelerate product development and to expand the platform beyond the capital markets and insurance verticals. The’s Knowledge Process Automation Platform offers a cloud-agnostic approach to deliver improvements and is also designed to integrate with existing systems and tools.  “We founded DeepSee to … continue reading

Google’s Jetpack Compose UI toolkit reaches beta

Google released its new UI toolkit Jetpack Compose, designed to make it easier to build native apps across all Android platforms.  According to the team, Compose offers modern, declarative Kotlin APIs and is built to integrate with existing Android apps and Jetpack libraries.  Google’s product manager Anna-Chiara Bellini and developer relations team member Nick Butcher … continue reading Protection Status