AppSearch in Jetpack, the on-device search library to create high performance and feature-rich full-text search functionality, is now available in alpha. 

With AppSearch, developers have access to offline search capabilities, lower latency for indexing and querying over large data sets, relevant search results and multi-language support. 

Users add an item by typing in the name and selecting the store and category it belongs to and then the user can search by item name and select filters for store or category. AppSearch will return matching results for the application to display.

SmartBear releases new plug-in for SwaggerHub for IntelliJ IDEA

SmartBear announced a new plugin for SwaggerHub API that is designed to support IntelliJ IDEA, which enables designers to view and edit their APIs and Domains directly in the IDE. 

They also have access to auto mocking which allows for quick API definition testing, the ability to validate APIs against the OpenAPI/Swagger specification and can make the API version public or private to change visibility. 

“Our goal is to meet API developers where they work with familiar tools that make them more productive across the entire API development lifecycle,” said Brian Downey, the senior vice president of API Lifecycle at SmartBear. “With IntelliJ IDEA, we have added support for an IDE which extends popularity to more than 4 million Java developers.” 

HCL releases the latest version of Domino

HCL Software launched version 12 of its Domino application development platform. 

The new version includes flexible backup deployment options and enhanced security with the ability to deploy on-prem, hybrid or cloud and can be backed up with any backup solution on the market. 

It also eliminated desktop client upgrades and offers business users the ability to create modern apps and workflows using the same infrastructure, governance and security. 

Additional details are available here

Sontatype launches deep code analysis platform 

Sonatype unveiled its cloud-native platform Sonatype Lift, which enables developers to find and fix performance, reliability and security bugs through the automatic analysis of pull requests.

The new solution provides a unified code analysis pipeline that brings over 26 tools across 11 languages to catch a wide variety of bug types. The results are then delivered as comments within the code review. 

“Developers are increasingly responsible for ensuring their code is both secure and high-quality. Typical code quality tools are limited to per-file analysis and don’t catch bugs that traverse files. While SAST tools do, they are security-focused and run by security teams. We built Lift to provide developers deep code analysis focused on catching performance and reliability bugs that can lead to critical vulnerabilities similar to those increasingly exploited in recent attacks,” said Brian Fox, the co-founder and CTO at Sonatype. “And, we have done it in a way that helps developers fix more bugs, without slowing them down or requiring them to switch contexts.”

GrapeCity announces SpreadJS v14.1

GrapeCity announced the launch of SpreadJS v14.1 which includes the arrival of pivot table support, a new camera shape, chart, calculation, shape, workbook enhancements and more.

These additions expand developers’ capabilities within their JavaScript applications whenever they build high-performance enterprise spreadsheets, the company explained. 

SpreadJS v14.1 is now available as an upgrade for existing customers and as a download for new customers on the GrapeCity website. 

Additional details are available here