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Discerning reality from the hype around AI

When it comes to artificial intelligence and applying it to software development, it’s hard to discern between the hype and the reality of what can be done with it today. The presentation of AI in movies makes the technology seem scary and that in the not-too-distant future humans will be slaves to the machines.  But … continue reading

premium The importance of security testing

With more development teams today using open-source and third-party components to build out their applications, the biggest area of concern for security teams has become the API. This is where vulnerabilities are likely to arise, as keeping on top of updating those interfaces has lagged. In a recent survey, the research firm Forrester asked security … continue reading

HCL Software announces rebrand of DevOps portfolio

HCL Software has announced it has renamed its DevOps portfolio to better align products with their core functionality. The company hopes that with this rebrand, it will be easier for customers to navigate the portfolio and get to the right product. The company recently hosted a webinar to announce the changes, where Chris Haggan, head … continue reading

A guide to release automation tools

The following is a listing of API management tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings. HCL Accelerate is a data-driven value stream management platform that automates the delivery and interpretation of data so businesses can make faster, more strategic decisions and streamline processes. By integrating with the tools you’re already using, HCL … continue reading

How these solution providers support release automation

We asked these tool providers to share more information on how their solutions help companies with automated testing. Their responses are below. HCL Software Ryley Robinson, product marketing manager at HCL Software HCL Accelerate with HCL Launch is an enterprise grade continuous release orchestration solution within the powerful HCL DevSecOps tool chain. HCL Accelerate is … continue reading

Release automation: Key to winning the time-to-market race

As the number of components that organizations have to manage throughout their application delivery process grows, companies are looking to get more from their application release automation (ARA) platforms. These platforms can help organizations automate the process of releasing software applications and may include tools for managing code changes, deployments, testing, and other aspects of … continue reading

Stuck in the [DevOps] Middle With You

Technology is always changing, and thus the way organizations manage around technology is always changing. There are always new methodologies entering the field, promising various benefits if only you could adopt it correctly.  Many of these fizzle out and remain nothing more than buzzwords, but according to Charles Betz, principal analyst at Forrester, DevOps has … continue reading

A guide to DevOps tools

The following is a listing of DevOps tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings.  HCL Software is a division of HCL Technologies (HCL) that operates its primary software business. We develop, market, sell, and support over 30 product families in the areas of Customer Experience, Digital Solutions, Secure DevOps, Security and Automation. … continue reading

The Dynamic Workload Console is the one-stop automation platform for users across the business

The Dynamic Workload Console (DWC) has become a core platform for workload automation, providing visibility into everything all in one place. “The designing of a job stream is a key operation for schedulers and application developers to or interconnect business applications and achieve governance and control,” Zaccone said. “Our idea with the new Workload Designer … continue reading

Optimize data transfer and integrate file transfer in your automation workflows

Workload automation is a critical piece of digital transformation. It can enable practitioners to schedule and execute business process workflows, optimize data transfer and processing and cut down on errors and delays in execution of the business processes themselves.  Businesses currently have three main approaches to modernization and digital transformation. One is that they are … continue reading

How CI/CD providers help organizations deploy speedily, securely, and stably

Senthil Nathan, product manager, HCL Software DevOps HCL Launch is the continuous delivery tool within the powerful HCL DevOps tool chain, enabling modernization for complex enterprises. Continuous delivery is one of the most efficient ways to enable development teams to focus on delivering quality software. With HCL Launch’s “deploy from anywhere to anywhere” capabilities, enterprise … continue reading

SD Times news digest: AppSearch now available in alpha on Jetpack, SmartBear releases new plug-in for SwaggerHub for IntelliJ IDEA, HCL releases the latest version of Domino

AppSearch in Jetpack, the on-device search library to create high performance and feature-rich full-text search functionality, is now available in alpha.  With AppSearch, developers have access to offline search capabilities, lower latency for indexing and querying over large data sets, relevant search results and multi-language support.  Users add an item by typing in the name … continue reading Protection Status