We asked these tool providers to share more information on how their solutions help companies with automated testing. Their responses are below.

HCL Software

Ryley Robinson, product marketing manager at HCL Software

HCL Accelerate with HCL Launch is an enterprise grade continuous release orchestration solution within the powerful HCL DevSecOps tool chain. HCL Accelerate is the Value Stream Management product with broad release management capabilities. With HCL Accelerate’s plugins that can integrate to any deployment solution through native plugins or through API-driven-pipeline, enterprises can easily orchestrate their complex releases through HCL Accelerate.

As enterprises break their monolithic applications into cloud-native microservices, it becomes even more important to have the releases orchestrated through an enterprise grade release management product like HCL Accelerate that can understand the dependencies, complexities, and all-or-nothing deployment strategies. 

HCL Accelerate provides the automated governance for the release orchestration with data-driven insights. Accelerate as a Value Stream Management tool and as a release orchestrator has deep insights into DevOps processes and can help enterprises to identify the bottlenecks even before individual teams realize the pain. HCL Accelerate provides visibility of the entire pipeline and provides a bird’s eye view of where and when the changes that would hugely impact the business are in the delivery pipeline. Accelerate also provides full visibility for developers on the impact of the changes that they are working on. 

HCL Accelerate working with HCL Launch provides the best-in-class release management / deployment automation solution out there. With HCL Launch’s “deploy from anywhere to anywhere” capabilities, enterprise DevOps teams are delighted to find they can automate deployments to a broad mix of environments such as mainframes, microservices, on-prem, public, private, and hybrid cloud. HCL Launch works everywhere with a massive plugin site that includes over 300 integrations and easily connects source configuration repositories, change management systems, or middleware. 

Octopus Deploy 

Colin Bowern, senior vice president of product at Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy is the universal deployment automation company. We help software teams deploy software in a continuous and stress-free way. 

Octopus simplifies complex deployment processes allowing software solutions to be delivered faster and in a unified way to various deployment environments. Octopus Deploy addresses the needs of enterprise organizations which no longer need to choose between the speed and the quality of their software deployments. It also provides robust permission and auditing capabilities to ensure internal and external compliance. Octopus Deploy integrates out-of-the-box with leading CI/CD solutions to streamline deployment pipelines and to provide additional value to organizations’ existing systems, such as ITSM services such as Jira and ServiceNow.

Based on its work with more than 350,000 IT professionals, Octopus Deploy has seen firsthand how the success of DevOps aligns with great deployment automation practices. It helps enterprise DevOps teams deploy software more effectively by eliminating error-prone manual processes associated with software change management and provides insights into DevOps performance based on the four DORA metrics.

Octopus Deploy is offered as both a self-hosted and SaaS offering. As part of the growing trend toward moving to SaaS in the DevOps tooling space, the company is committed to making Octopus trustworthy, secure and scalable.