In honor of Data Privacy Day, today Google shared updates on its effort to create free tools geared towards helping the developer community build and launch new applications for differential privacy. 

In partnership with OpenMinded, an organization of open-source developers, Google achieved a new milestone with its differential privacy framework. This product enables any Python developer to process data with differential privacy. 

For more information, visit here

Foldable SDK updates with Jetpack Window Manager

Microsoft recently announced the release of Jetpack Window Manager version 1.0.0, bringing with it several new library updates. With this, these libraries for Android developers have become more foldable aware.  

The updates with this latest release include: 

  • Jetpack Window Manager version 1.0.0 used at the core of all the libraries 
  • All libraries can be used with other foldable devices 
  • Updated documentation and samples

Additionally, the ScreenManager components, screenmanager-windowmanager and screenmanager display mask have been discontinued and support will no longer be added for them. To learn more, visit here.

ChaosNative announced enterprise chaos engineering tool

ChaosNative, the company responsible for the open-source chaos engineering project LitmusChaos, today unveiled its enterprise product and the beta version of its chaos service at its annual ChaosCarnival conference. ChaosNative Litmus Enterprise works for DevOps and SREs looking for self managed, on-premise chaos engineering tools and the cloud service, ChaosNative Litmus Cloud, offers users a hosted LitmusChaos control plane.

Interested enterprises can now download a 30-day trial version here. DevOps engineers, SREs, and organizations looking for chaos as a service can register here

“Now Litmus users have the option to get the SLA based support and services from the creators of Litmus. We are looking forward to taking Litmus to new heights with more community and enterprise adoption,” said Uma Mukkara, co-founder and CEO of ChaosNative and a maintainer on the LitmusChaos project.