There are many ways to approach DevOps, which is quickly gaining mindshare in all manner of enterprises. Some come at it from the more established and understood area of continuous integration/continuous delivery. Others are looking beyond that, to using automation on every process possible to maintain an Agile coding and delivery cadence.

Still others are taking a test-driven development approach; by shifting testing left, organizations are finding defects more quickly and delivering better quality code. Then there is the security question: If teams are iterating and delivering at such a rapid pace, how vulnerable are they to malicious attacks or unintended data loss?

Then there’s the entire Ops side of the issue, where performance monitoring and management come into play. Not to mention container management for development teams creating microservices, which enable even faster changes to applications.

The fact is, no matter what angle you take, DevOps will soon be the chosen method for delivering software. If your organization is not already using DevOps methodologies, it is likely investigating it now to see how it would fit.

This showcase was created to give readers of SD Times a look at the software providers in the space, to hear from them and what their solutions offer, and help them make decisions that will help them down the DevOps road.

We hope you find it useful.

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