The DevOps Institute launched a new tiered membership program which includes Basic, Premium, Government/Nonprofit, Educator and Enterprise Membership options to help advance the careers of DevOps and IT leaders. 

Basic membership gives DevOps users an introductory glimpse into what DevOps Institute’s membership program offers and includes limited membership benefits. 

The Premium Membership gives anyone working and leading in the DevOps space an edge on the latest DevOps trends as well as team assessment of DevOps capabilities, a new SKILbook with up to $3,000 in savings in the first year and more.

Additional details on all of the other tiers are available here. 

Cloudera Data Platform now available on GCP
The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is a hybrid and multi-cloud data and analytics platform that offers security and governance for the world’s largest enterprises. 

The addition of CDP for Google Cloud enables Cloudera to deliver on its promise to offer its enterprise data platform at global scale, according to the company. 

The Cloudera Data Platform uses Cloudera’s Shared Data Experience (SDX) to create secure data lakes in an organization and it provisions analytic and machine learning services in minutes instead of weeks. 

Perforce announces C++ coverage in its static code analysis solution
In the latest release, Helix QAC now offers complete CERT C++ rules coverage, which provides development teams with greater software security in highly regulated industries. 

“Helix QAC has consistently delivered comprehensive functional safety and security compliance for embedded software development industries, and these improvements have helped to solidify it as the industry leading Static Analysis tool for C/C++,” said Stuart Foster, the product manager at Perforce. 

The latest release also expands on the compliance coverage for 100% CERT C rules coverage, 100% CERT C POSIX rules coverage and much more. 

Additional details are available here.

Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks
Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks accelerates the time to insights in a lakehouse architecture and provides automation ingestion and complex transformations for building and delivering advanced datasets, according to Matillion. 

With the new solution, enterprise data teams can instantly create shareable datasets between previously disparate analytics and data science environments.

“Enterprises want to complete using data, but struggle to make data useful quickly for projects such as AI/ML and analytics. Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks makes it easier for enterprises to make their data useful, taking the pain out of manual data ingestion and transformation tasks to enable faster time to insights,” said Matthew Scullion, the CEO of Matillion. “We are excited to work alongside Databricks’ popular lakehouse architecture to improve time to value for enterprises.”