Compuware: Compuware, a mainframe-dedicated software company, empowers the world’s largest companies to excel in the digital economy by taking full advantage of their mainframe investments. They do this by delivering innovative software that enables IT professionals with mainstream skills to develop, deliver and support mainframe applications with ease and agility.

Splice Machine: Splice Machine is a scalable SQL database that enables companies to modernize their legacy and custom applications to be agile, data-rich, and intelligent – all without re-writes. Splice Machine helps organizations in demanding, data‑driven industries deliver intelligent decisions at scale and accelerate the speed of doing business by incorporating new data sources and AI into their operational applications.

Broadcom: With Broadcom, companies modernize their legacy applications by leveraging comprehensive API lifecycle management capabilities to maximize insights, efficiencies, and value across the entire organization. Their solutions include CA Brightside, an enterprise-grade version of the Zowe open-source framework that breaks down the mainframe silo, the Layer 7 full life cycle API management solution, and CA Endevor, the dominant mainframe SCM that now offers CA Endevor Bridge for Git. 

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Akamai: Akamai provides a distributed edge platform that offers intelligence to optimize devices, and capacity to move huge volumes of data and content, whether it’s broadcast to large audiences or personalized for each individual user. It also offers a defensive shield built to protect websites, mobile infrastructure and API-driven requests. 

CAST Software: CAST Imaging scans and automatically understands any complex software system. It reverses engineers ‘as is’ architecture automatically, visualizes all dependencies via easy-to-navigate blueprints, zooms from overall architecture layers down to the finest detail, and enables impact analysis and To-Be architecture exploration.

Cumulus Networks:  Cumulus Networks brings an open, modern and disaggregated, standards-based approach to  building campus networks. It provides seamless integration with automation tools, and the ability to leverage common tools and best practices across a data center. 

IBM: After its recent acquisition of Red Hat, the company offers the portable platform Red Hat OpenShift for modernizing existing IT infrastructure and apps. It also offers the IBM Garage Method that connects customers to teams that help explore business goals, potential outcomes, and ideas for incorporating advanced cloud and cognitive capabilities like Watson AI, IoT, or blockchain into solutions and skill sets for teams. 

Micro Focus: Micro Focus offers solutions that allow users to: modernize the application delivery process with new practices and tools for Agile and DevOps; redefine where and how applications are built and deployed; unlock and modernize access to mainframe applications and data; and build services for integrating business processes and systems. 

Mulesoft: Mulesoft’s Anypoint platform enables users to connect legacy systems to digital channels quickly, lower legacy system maintenance spend, and insulate legacy systems from spikes in data requests. Mulesoft built a “WSDL decomposer” a component that dynamically ingests a monolithic WSDL, and exposes each operation’s functionality through a distinct SOAP and REST service.

Progress: Progress’ Kinvey platform uses  modern microservices frameworks and low code connectors to present disparate systems as a single, secure data collection or RESTful API, without having to replicate data or replatform legacy systems. It also includes patented hybrid data integration technology to get the benefits of cloud-native architecture.

Quali: Quali’s Cloud Sandboxing solution accelerates and de-risks your application modernization initiatives by allowing you to bring both legacy and new applications into a common DevOps pipeline. Automated application and infrastructure blueprints ensure that application components are reliably deployed for all parts of the SDLC. 

Red Hat: Red Hat offers open, modular, cloud-ready platforms that help you transform legacy apps to modern, Agile ones, which increases business value. It’s offerings include Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), a Java EE-based application server runtime platform, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, which gives full control over Kubernetes environments. 

Skytap: Skytap Cloud supports modernization by offering a progressive approach to migrating and modernizing application infrastructure, processes and architecture. It also uses an environment-based infrastructure model to provide self-service, eliminate configuration drift, and increase infrastructure utilization at global scale.

Software AG: Software AG’s Adabas & Natural Application Modernization Platform is a low-risk, cost-effective approach to mainframe integration that makes indispensable legacy business applications easier to use and more accessible.This mainframe integration platform modernizes user interfaces, delivers business logic as services, and provides real-time access to transactional data from existing and new applications. 

Syncsort: Syncsort’s Connect for Big Data makes it clean and simple to ingest, translate, process and distribute mainframe data with Hadoop. Syncsort’s Elevate MFSort provides the fastest and most resource-efficient mainframe sort, copy, and join technology to optimize performance and reduce costs.