DocuLex, creator of award-winning, business-ready document management software, announced today the V5 release of its Archive Studio Suite’s Image Capture components; Goby Capture, Office Capture and Professional Capture. Archive Studio, including its capture components, facilitates automated document imaging, document management and workflow collaboration for organizations in multiple industries to include Local, State and Federal Government, Healthcare, Legal, AR/AP and Manufacturing, among others.

New features in the V5 release are designed for saving time and valuable resources with improved automation of document processing and field-specific indexing, based upon newly implemented technologies in text recognition. In addition to the labor savings the new release generates, V5 has incorporated a new method of detecting individual documents within a stack of scanned paper. This environmentally-friendly upgrade eliminates the need for an extra document break cover page in the capture process by instead detecting document breaks based on content.

The Goby Capture V5 component of Archive Studio offers ODBC connection to line-of-business applications for pulling existing meta data from an organization’s current database. Custom XML recognition is added for use with third party MFP touch panel devices and network scanner applications, from manufacturers such as Ricoh, Sharp, Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic, Canon and HP. Goby has implemented the use of workflow status codes, auto notification and the ability to route documents to targeted WebSearch users. Additionally with V5, a new smart installer will be used for ease of implementing the program’s periodic updates.

About Archive Studio Goby Capture
Goby Capture enhances the walk-up and scan capabilities of networked MFPs, production/desktop scanners, wide format and facsimile units, as well stand-alone units with scan-to-file ability to forward files to a server. The easy to use program provides simplified paper document conversion and electronic document file capture by automating image processing functions at the document server. Distributed capture capability is provided for an unlimited number of users throughout an organization via the program’s Profiler document identification freeware, in tandem with the program’s server-based Monitor image processing component.

Goby Capture’s intelligent cover page technology allows documents to be profiled and cataloged prior to scanning. Indexing criteria may be added via optical mark recognition or 2D bar codes created with user-defined content. In addition, documents containing barcodes, or predefined content may be automatically detected as a new document and then indexed. This allows documents to be scanned, indexed and organized electronically, then forwarded to a PC, file archive and to DocuLex Archive Studio’s WebSearch or other document management system. The result is fully searchable Adobe PDF files with custom meta data specific to each particular document.

About Archive Studio Office and Professional Capture
Office Capture is the lower demand version of Professional Capture. Professional Capture meets the high demands of automated document indexing. Professional Capture drives the scanners of such manufacturers as Kodak, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Canon and HP. Capture’s job is to automatically detect document breaks so that high speed scanners can continue running, accommodating stacks of paper without interruption. Version 5 has enhanced the ability to detect document breaks based upon content without the need for a cover page or barcode.

In addition, each document must be indexed with searchable meta data and text content. Version 5 has enhanced the ability to pull data from the customer’s line of business application, while automatically populating the required meta data for each document.

About ArchiveStudio WebSearch
WebSearch is the document management component of Archive Studio. WebSearch may be utilized as a service in the cloud or acquired as an on-premise server-based solution.

WebSearch is a secure, browser-based document management software that enhances internal and external collaboration, business process workflow, email archiving, corporate compliance and records retention management scheduling. The program was developed for use throughout a business’s operations to regulate and streamline the flow of documentation and secure content access from any location, anytime. The WebSearch user interface is similar, yet easier to use, than internet search engines such as Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and Google. Searches are performed by entering specific index field (meta data), full text content or date ranges, search history, search lists and saved searches.

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