DreamFactory Software, the creators of the fast-growing open source DreamFactory REST API backend, announced the release of DreamFactory Enterprise. A new commercial software package, DreamFactory Enterprise gives users the ability to easily deploy, manage and transport multiple instances of DreamFactory across the entire application development lifecycle. Designed for enterprise development and IT teams, software development agencies, systems integrators, independent software vendors, managed service providers, and cloud infrastructure-as-a-service companies, DreamFactory Enterprise empowers development teams to provision, govern and report on DreamFactory instances so they can accelerate modern application development and deployment on a well-governed infrastructure.

“From mobile computing to the Internet of Things, it’s all about the API. DreamFactory automates the creation of APIs, and now DreamFactory Enterprise enables businesses to scale the concept across the entire development lifecycle. With this announcement, DreamFactory is making it easier for developers to mobilize backend assets and broadly deploy modern applications,” said David S. Linthicum, consultant at Cloud Technology Partners.

BYOD, changing application integration patterns, developer empowerment and open source software are transforming today’s IT environment

With the prevailing mega-trends of mobility and BYOD, Gartner expects that by 2017, the market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than the capacity of internal IT organizations to service that demand.1 Gartner also expects that by 2020, lightweight web and mobile-style app integration will completely displace traditional approaches.2 To meet this exploding demand for mobile apps and services, and with mobile extending out to IoT, Gartner is advising clients to adopt an agile API layer that will optimize mobile integration and simplify the process of connecting mobile apps to many different types of data sources.3

At the same time, the shift to developer empowerment (developers, rather than CIOs, are increasingly driving adoption of new software technologies), and the growing popularity of open source software, have placed technology decision-making lower in the enterprise hierarchy. Increasingly, developers and line-of-business (LOB) organizations are demanding greater freedom in how they develop and deliver business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-partner (B2P), and selected business-to-employee (B2E) mobile apps that impact their digital business activities. In light of these trends, Gartner notes that by de-coupling front-end development activities from back-end services, IT organizations will enable a better portfolio of mobile apps while enabling third parties to LOB units to rapidly create effective client apps with strong user experiences.4

DreamFactory on a trajectory defined by other successful open-source companies

DreamFactory’s engineers set out to tackle a large and growing problem faced by developers: how to quickly get reliable REST APIs for a growing variety of data sources to fuel development of modern mobile, web, and IoT applications. In 2013, DreamFactory released the DreamFactory REST API backend as open source on GitHub under the Apache license. With its ability to automatically and securely expose REST API endpoints for a wide range of data sources, the DreamFactory backend has been widely adopted. Hundreds of thousands of developers now use DreamFactory to get secure, RESTful access to data while dramatically cutting development time and costs.

As with other open source software (OSS) companies such as Docker, MongoDB, Elastic, CoreOS, Mesosphere and NGINX, DreamFactory is building on successful developer-led adoption of its open source software with a compelling commercial offering to grow the business and better support the expanding user community. DreamFactory Enterprise allows the company to grow and move forward without compromising the original open source software stack on which developers depend to provide RESTful services.