DreamFactory Software has released version 1.5 of its open source REST API platform that intelligently connects mobile applications to enterprise databases and storage systems. New features include the ability to securely tap into legacy enterprise information and leverage server-side processing.

DreamFactory includes all of the services and capabilities needed to build cutting-edge applications for the desktop, tablet, or phone. All backend services are accessed through a REST API that supports both JSON and XML documents. This style of service interface is perfect for mobilizing enterprise data with either HTML5 or native applications.

“DreamFactory 1.5 introduces some great new features for the mobile enterprise application developer. Our platform makes it easy to connect to existing users and roles on SQL and NoSQL databases already running in an enterprise. We have support for a wide variety of file storage systems and external cloud services. You can add a comprehensive REST API to any backend asset in just a few minutes. Taken together, these capabilities represent a big leap forward for the DreamFactory Services Platform,” said Bill Appleton, president of DreamFactory.

DreamFactory 1.5 focuses on two key areas. First, it lets developers securely connect mobile users with existing enterprise databases and control record-level data visibility. Second, it offers powerful new scripting functionality to customize the REST API requests and responses on the server. New features announced today include:
1. Lookup Keys. DreamFactory 1.5 can securely connect a client-side login with the corresponding user or role in a SQL or NoSQL database. This allows existing security permissions to be inherited by the REST API platform. Lookup Keys can be used for the secure storage of the master credentials required for integration with an external system such as Amazon S3 or MongoDB. Lookup Keys can also be used to provide user- and role-based session information to the email service, email templates, external integration service, and URL integration links. Read more on the DreamFactory blog.

2. Server-Side Filters. Until now, record-level access control of sensitive enterprise data required extensive server-side software development. Now, with DreamFactory 1.5, an administrator can quickly configure server-side filters to provide fine-grained access control for database records without writing any code. Record-level access can be limited by user, role, application, or any field value. Server-side filters can be used on both SQL and NoSQL databases. All of this functionality is enforced on the server, so the security and privacy of enterprise information is never in jeopardy. Read more on the DreamFactory blog.

3. Server-Side Events. This feature enables the server to reach out to the client, unlocking new interactions. Custom scripts can be triggered at any point in the REST pipeline, and event information such as status and alerts can be posted to the client application. Read more on the DreamFactory blog.

4. Server-Side Scripting. Now, developers can program the server itself to trigger and execute processes that add functionality to mobile apps — taking advantage of the inherent security of restricting processing to the secure server. Use cases include formula fields (create synthetic fields with dynamic or calculated information), field validations (write custom validations on any data field), workflow triggers (send out a push notification, email, or event under specific conditions), access control (implement fine-grained user access control of fields or objects), and custom limits (counting service transactions, or metering total throughput). Read more on the DreamFactory blog.

DreamFactory brings agile development techniques to enterprise mobility

The DreamFactory open source REST API platform can be installed on any server in the cloud or on premises and makes available a wide range of services including SQL Data, NoSQL Data, BLOB Storage, User Management, Application Hosting, and External Integration. When a backend asset is connected to the platform, DreamFactory automatically adds the appropriate services to the REST API palette, creates written documentation for the service, provides an interactive interface for exploration, and delivers client SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, Android, and Windows 8. More than 20,000 companies depend on DreamFactory for service-based applications and platforms.